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I.Dodon: Moldova seeks 30% discount on gas imports from Russia

I.Dodon: Moldova seeks 30% discount on gas imports from Russia

Chișinău, July 31 - Neftegaz.RU.
"Moldova needs a 25-30% discount on current gas supplies, otherwise we will have to raise tariffs," president Igor Dodon said in a video file posted last week on the YouTube channel of broadcaster RTR Moldova, Seenews reported.

Earlier this month, Dodon said the price that Moldova pays for gas imports from Russia under its oil price-indexed contract rose by some 25% in the 1st quarter of 2019. The country paid some $237.46 (213.1 EUR) per 1,000 cu m in the 1st quarter.

The country will face difficulties with gas supplies if Russia suspends natural gas exports to Southeast Europe through the Trans-Balkan Corridor crossing Ukraine, Moldova, Romania and Bulgaria in 2020, Dodon also said.

"If there is transit, then we need to agree on the price of gas for next year and negotiate transit conditions. If there is no transit, then it will be difficult for us to count on reverse flow since this is a technically difficult process," Dodon noted.

The management of the country's gas utility Moldovagaz is considering options to cope with the potential termination of transit through the Trans-Balkan Corridor, he added.

Moldova was the largest importer of natural gas from Gazprom among southeastern Europe (SEE) countries in the 1st quarter of 2019, with imports of 969 million cu m, down 9.3%, figures from Gazprom's interim activity report show.