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Effective technologies of TatNIPIneft institute

TatNIPIneft developed a pumping unit for lifting production of the wells without the use of tubing.

Effective technologies of TatNIPIneft institute

Kazan, April 18 - Neftegaz.RU. Professionals of TATNEFT’s TatNIPIneft have developed a pumping unit for lifting production of the wells without the use of tubing, therefore reducing the cost of crude oil production through the application of a new equipment package. The unit allows performing well repairs without the use of a lifting unit and the involvement of remedial servicing and workover teams.


The scientists of TatNIPIneft have proposed the option of operating the wells with application of ESPs without the use of tubing. The technology of tubingless well operation with ESP installation has been for the 1st time implemented by TATNEFT in Russia at deposit 303 of NGDU Leninogorskneft.


The long and short of the engineering development means the installation a geophysical hoist at the wellhead, which is directly used for running and pulling of the ESP, and the auto-winding machine, which is used for winding the ESP’s power supply cable. The installation works of the nipple and the ESP are carried out using a hoisting crane. The pumping unit assembly is run into the well on the cable-rope, placed on the packer and sealed on it. 


The advantages of this technology include the ability to fully mechanize and reduce the cost of remedial well servicing when replacing the pump, avoidance of costs associated with the replacement and repair of tubing, reduction of the cable damage likelihood during pulling and running operations. The mentioned features provide for reducing the operating costs.


The crude oil production enhancement is achieved due to the reduced water cut. The economic effect is attained through the refusal to use tubing and the well workover crews.


As a result of the Republican Review Contest of the Energy-Efficient Equipment and Technologies held within the framework of the international exhibition Energy Engineering. Resource Saving - 2018, TATNEFT was awarded a 1st-degree diploma in the nomination Energy-efficient products for the development of this engineering technology.


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Source : Neftegaz.RU