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Financial Crisis - How long?

The topic of credit crunch worldwide has become global

Everyone speaks about the financial crisis and everyone has his or her own opinion.

Form now on everyone is welcome to express thid opinion on Neftegaz.RU in order to sort it out and try find the answer to the most acute question - How long is it going to last?

We would like to propose you an opportunity to become a "financial seer" and tell us when it is all over.

How long are we to nominate the current situation as "crisis" - a day, a month, a year?

In order to understand what people around the world expect, it is necessary to generalize infromation, and that is the purpose of the Question of the Week section on Neftegaz.RU.

There are the following answers available:
- one month
- until the end of 2008
- until summer 2009
- all the year 2009
- don't know

After the poll, the experts will comment on results.

How long will the financial crisis last?

Author: Ksenia Kochneva