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Russia to sign WTO accession document with EU next week

Russia and the European Union will sign  a document next week on Russia's accession to the World Trade Organization (WTO), following the results of bilateral negotiations on the issue, EU delegation to Russia head Fernando Valenzuela said on Monday

The document is expected to be signed at a Russia-EU summit, which will be held on December 7.

Valenzuela said Russia and the EU had achieved a considerable breakthrough at their negotiations on Russia's entry into the world trade club, resolving all their bilateral issues. The issues that remained were multilateral and needed to be discussed in a multilateral format, he said.

Valenzuela said the Russia-EU summit would seal this breakthrough and complete bilateral negotiations.

The summit will also give a new impetus to the negotiations on a new agreement between Russia and the European Union, including partnership for modernization between Russia and the EU, he said.


Source : RIA Novosti