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Mechel completes another stage of its facility's ecological modernization at Chelyabinsk Coke & Chemical Products Plant

Mechel completes another stage of its facility's ecological modernization at Chelyabinsk Coke & Chemical Products Plant

Chelyabinsk, June 30 - Neftegaz.RU. The plant has revamped its coke battery #8, which will enable it to decrease waste emissions. Investment in the project totaled RUB 218 million.

The coke battery #8’s reconstruction which included replacement of 2 gasholders, is one step in a series of measures outlined in the company’s ecological program as set in the agreement signed by Mechel Group with Chelyabinsk Region’s government, Russia’s Natural Resources Ministry and Federal Supervisory Natural Resources Management Service.

The coke battery’s coke gas offtake system was upgraded, with 2 new gasholders, gas exhaust pipes and a crude coke gas main installed. The battery’s upper paving and a loading chute for raw materials were also replaced. New cooling water and pressed air supply lines, steam pipes and other systems were also installed to ensure the coke battery’s reliable and ecologically friendly operations.

The plant installed best available technologies - sealing systems for the gas exhaust pipes, smoke-free coal loading. This will increase the facility’s leak tightness and reduce emissions of 1-4 hazard category substances (benzopyrene, benzene, phenol, ammonia, coal dust) by four tonnes a year at this facility alone.

“The coke battery’s upgrade is an integral part of the national Ecology project, as well as the quadrilateral agreement signed by the state and the plant. Minimizing emissions of cancerogenic agents is a priority for us, as it has a massive impact on the environment and public health. As a result of our plants fulfilling such agreements and making their facilities more ecologically friendly, by 2024 we will reduce our total waste emissions in Chelyabinsk by no less than 20%,” Chelyabinsk Region’s Ecology Minister Sergei Likhachev commented.

“Mechel continues to consistently fulfill the obligations the Group assumed regarding reduction of waste emissions, with measures set in the complex ecological program implemented as scheduled. Our nearest plans include installing new systems for reducing waste emissions in Mechel-Coke’s chemical workshops, and reconstruction of its coke battery #1,” Mechel’s Director of Production Planning and Technical Development Anton Levada noted.

Chelyabinsk Coke & Chemical Products Plant (Mechel Coke) is a by-product coke plant with over 10 shops and departments. Its primary product is metallurgical coke, manufactured in 8 coke-oven batteries. Mechel Coke supplies the needs of Mechel enterprises as well as markets its products domestically and internationally.