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Vital And Disastrous

Frozen methane was found in a 40,000 sq km area underneath...

Frozen methane was found in a 40,000 sq km area underneath waters between 1km and 3km deep off the coast from Gisborne to Marlborough.
The US Department of Energy ordered to start commercial production from American methane deposits by 2015though scientists have not found ways to extract the methane yet.
Like carbon dioxide, methane in the air conduce creating a natural greenhouse effect which makes climate around 32C warmer. But there is no need to worry while the frozen methane is under the ocean.
Drilling operations are rather costly and require collaboration with other countries.
Methane, also known as swamp gas, is released by bacteria that eat plant and animal material in swamps, landfills, rice paddies and animals' digestive tracts, as well as material washed off land by rainwater and ending up on the seafloor.