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Ocean To Become Cleaner

About 4500 oil-spills are reported annually around the world oceans...

About 4,500 oil-spills are reported annually around the world?s oceans, the majority of which are not huge tanker spills but are between seven and ten tonnes. For gathering the spills from the sea a new device has been developed by a Scottish inventor.

It will collect 60% of a spill, compared with the previous maximum of 10% by traditional oil booms. The inventors are James Allen-Jones and his own company called SlySar.

His device uses a set of inflatable booms and is designed to permit recovery and collection of spilled oil at tow speeds of up to five knots.

They have been developing the system in the five years since finishing his research and has received a ё75,000 invention and innovation award from the National Endowment for Science, Technology and the Arts.