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Oil Is Still Leaking From Sunken Tanker

Thick fuel oil is oozing from holes...

Thick fuel oil is oozing from holes in the sunken tanker Prestige like toothpaste from a tube.

17,000 tonnes of fuel oil have already spilled by the tanker before it broke in two and sank on November 19.

The previous theory that some 60,000 tonnes of fuel oil still in the Prestige's tanks will solidify in the extreme cold of the ocean depths failed as oil is still leaking from the wreck.

The deep-sea submarine Nautile, best known for finding the Titanic, has so far only inspected the Prestige's bow section, but will make a series of other dives at the site, 130 nautical miles off the Galician coast.

Oil spilled from the tanker now affects virtually the entire coast of the region. More than 550 miles of the total 695 miles of coastline have been closed to fishing and almost 500 miles closed to shellfish gathering.