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Ecological Economy Against Oil Wars

Alt renewable energy theory can stop world wars for oil.

Franz Alt is a 64-year-old German journalist and an author of numerous books devoted to ecological economy.

His most recent book - "Only Ecology Saves the Economy" - was published last month.

In the book, Alt outlines modern energy, transportation, agriculture and lifestyle problems and offers solutions based on his "ecological economy" theory. He defines an ecological economy as one that features improved energy efficiency, the greater use of eco-friendly technologies and lifestyles that have a low impact on nature.

Alt emphasizes that a shift toward an ecological economy actually generates more jobs and demand, and helps people enjoy a higher quality of life.

Also Alt is one of the supporters of Renewable Energy Legislation. "At least 10 countries, including Austria, Spain and Taiwan, are planning to introduce legislation similar to our Renewable Energy Law," Alt said.