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A Credible Threat»

Fears are rising among many Somalis about container tanks...

Fears are rising among many Somalis about container tanks which are parked off the coast in central Somalia. Many people fear that the tanks could explode any time, while the materials inside then are thought to be toxic or nuclear waste from Western industries. The Dr Ismail Jim'ale Ossoble human rights organization expressed its concern over the danger of these container tanks to Somali people, especially the residents of Eldheer. The organization has also said that Somali people are facing a huge danger from the nuclear waste which is believed to be thrown in Somali waters.

The organization added that since the container tanks were seen floating off the Somali coast at Eldheer there has been no urgent effort to check what is inside them, and still now no-one knows what is in these containers. It urged the UN agencies to deal with the matter as soon as possible.

Dr Ismail Jim'ale human rights organization has also warned foreign vessels to stop endangering the lives of Somalis and their resources by dumping industrial waste and chemicals, and by illegal fishing.