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Shell: Free Willy 4»

Royal Dutch Shell's oil and gas project offshore Sakhalin threatens the extinction of Grey Whales

International oil major Royal Dutch/Shell?s oil and gas project offshore Sakhalin Island (Russia) warns about the extinction of the Western Pacific Grey Whales.
International Fund for Animal Welfare made the announcement at a conference outside a Royal Dutch Shell shareholder meeting in The Hague, Netherlands. The Fund aimed to educate shareholders about the threat to whales from Shell's Sakhalin project and to offer alternatives to Shell's ways of exploration. Shell owns 55 percent of the project along with Mitsubishi and Mitsui, which are other major stakeholders.
Western Pacific Grey Whales are considered to be endangered species and only about 100 remain in the world. Every year the entire known population of Western Pacific Grey Whales returns to feed off the northeastern shores of Sakhalin Island, off the east coast of Russia.
Shell has announced it plans to expand its current project by building a platform and pipeline through the whales' feeding area.
Eleven environmental groups, including IFAW, WWF, and Greenpeace, have warned Shell that its current construction plans constitute a menace to whales. The groups have offered alternate construction plans that would protect whales but Shell has refused to change their current plans.