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ConocoPhillips Imposed a Fine

ConocoPhillips will pay $485 thousand as a penalty for ..

US oil giant ConocoPhillips will pay $485 thousand as a penalty for violations of the Clean Water Act at its natural gas platform in Alaska's upper Cook Inlet.

The Department of Justice and the Environmental Protection Agency said the violations at the platform between Kenai and Anchorage occurred for five years between 1999 and this year.

ConocoPhillips spokeswoman Dawn Patience said the company voluntarily reported the violations, starting last summer. She said, "We regret the incidents occurred and we took steps to correct the technical nature of some of the incidents and to reduce the likelihood that similar incidents would occur in the future?.

EPA spokesman Bill Dunbar said that the company has corrected the problems at the platform. Patience said the company believes the violations did not pose a risk to human health, safety or the environment.