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New Blow Of Wind Energy

Wind energy a smart option says EECA

The Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority (EECA) believes that wind energy has a vital role to play in electricity generation.

In response to recent public debate about using wind energy to meet electricity demand, EECA has released a wind information package to local and regional councils, wind farm developers and interest groups.

Heather Staley, Chief Executive of EECA, says the package provides information to assist councils and the public to make informed choices about wind energy.

?Wind energy is an important source of renewable electricity. Many industry observers believe wind has the potential to generate 2500 MW - enough for 1 million homes.

Ms Staley says research recently commissioned by EECA suggests 82% of New Zealanders approve of wind energy, more than any other source of generation.

?New Zealand is lucky to have an excellent wind resource. Wind energy developments make an important contribution to supply and they are a clean and green way for New Zealand to meet its future energy needs.?

The wind power package includes a detailed set of guidelines for developers and councils, and a leaflet with general information about wind power.