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Avis expand Environmental Initiatives

Avis Budget Group is first in the car rental industry to use oil filtration systems in heavy duty buses.

Avis Budget Group have upgraded buses using puraDYN(R) Bypass Oil Filtration Systems. Avis Budget Group is first in the car rental industry to use oil filtration systems in heavy duty buses.

The puraDYN(R) Oil Filtration System will become standard equipment on Avis Budget Group's North American fleet of nearly 300 heavy duty buses; this equipment upgrade is expected to reduce motor oil use and oil-related bus engine maintenance by as much as 90 percent, and makes Avis Budget Group the first in the car rental industry to add an oil filtration system to its fleet of buses.

The puraDYN system is a high-efficiency bypass filtering system that removes solid, liquid and gaseous contaminants from engine oil before they accumulate and cause damage.

In the initial test at LAX, tests found that the puraDYN system reduces engine friction and wear, extends equipment life, improves fuel efficiency and helps engines run at cooler temperatures. The system also saves both time and money by reducing the number of oil changes required.

"While testing the puraDYN oil filtration system, we immediately saw its environmental and maintenance benefits, and decided to make it standard equipment on all of our buses," said Jerry Bernacki, vice president of vehicle maintenance and damage at Avis Budget Group.

"The puraDYN system will improve our productivity, lower our costs and enhance our efforts to reduce our environmental impact."

Kevin Kroger, president and COO of Puradyn Filter Technologies Incorporated, added, "When you have buses in operation for as many hours every day as the fleet operates at various airports by Avis Budget Group, oil changes are a constant occurrence. Our oil filtration system works to keep the oil continuously clean, resulting in improved fuel efficiency, extended equipment life and fewer oil changes. Working together, Avis Budget Group's buses will require less maintenance and will have less impact on the environment."