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Violences in Kyrgyzstan have pushed thousand of of Uzkeks refugees to try to escape in Uzbekistan

Thousands of ethnic Uzbeks have massed at the Uzbekistan border in an attempt to escape violence in Kyrgyzstan which has left at least 138 dead.

15 June 2010 , 08:50BBC News15710

New riots in south Kyrgyzstan

The Kyrgyz authorities will use all available resources to stabilize the situation in the south of the ex-Soviet Central Asian republic, where the death toll from riots has reached 12, the leader of the country's interim government said on Friday.

11 June 2010 , 11:59RIA Novosti14060

BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico should be the worst oil incident in the US history

Scientists declared the 5-week-old BP spill in the Gulf of Mexico to be the worst in U.S. history on Thursday, while federal and oil industry officials capped a day of confusion by announcing they had suspended and then restarted their mud-pumping ``top kill.''

28 May 2010 , 10:08The Miami Herald16510

China and the USA to cooperate on energy data to improve transparency market

China and the United States pledged to form a task force to enhance cooperation on energy data such as consumption and inventory statistics to improve transparency in a volatile market.

26 May 2010 , 08:54Upstream40380

Cooperation summit between the USA and China opened in Beijing

Senior officials from the US and China have urged better co-operation between the two nations, at the start of a high-level summit.

24 May 2010 , 09:50BBC News12990

Troubles in perspective in Asian Fear East after the confirmation of a North Korean attack on a South Korean boat

A North Korean submarine's torpedo sank a South Korean navy ship on 26 March causing the loss of 46 sailors, an international report has found.

20 May 2010 , 09:01BBC News16450

Turkey and Brazil close to find nuclear deal with Iran

Brazilian and Turkish government officials said Sunday that their leaders had brokered a tentative compromise with Iran in the international standoff over Iran’s nuclear program, a development that could undermine efforts in the United Nations to impose new sanctions on the Iranians.

17 May 2010 , 09:54Alexei Barrionuevo, Sebnem ArsuThe New York Times16800

Kyrgyz opponents to interim government protested with violence

Opponents of Kyrgyzstan's interim rulers stormed several regional government headquarters Thursday, threatening the delicate peace that has reigned since the violent overthrow of the president last month.

14 May 2010 , 10:30The Associated Press12160

UK has a new Conservative Prime Minister

Conservative leader David Cameron has become the UK's new prime minister after the resignation of Gordon Brown.

12 May 2010 , 07:53BBC News12730

President of Nigeria's African biggest oil producer died

Fifty-eight-year-old Nigerian President Umaru Yar'Adua died at his presidential villa on Wednesday, state TV has said.

06 May 2010 , 08:23BBC News17990

New violences took place in Kyrgyzstan as the former president left Kazakhstan

A new wave of unrest hit Kyrgyzstan on Monday, with violent protests in the suburbs of the capital and the south of the country, while ousted President Kurmanbek Bakiyev left Kazakhstan for an unknown destination.

20 April 2010 , 08:30RIA Novosti13900

Last week Icelandic volcano iruption may be only first signs of bigger volcanic activities

The volcanic cloud of ash drifting in from Iceland has caused the longest closure of European airspace since World War II. Some scientists say the current event could be a warning sign of even bigger volcanic disruptions to come.

19 April 2010 , 08:08Gautam NaikThe Wall Street Journal23650

A 6.9 magnitude earthquake hit Tibet in China

A strong earthquake has rocked the Tibetan plateau in China, killing at least 67 people and leaving many others trapped in collapsed mud-built homes.

14 April 2010 , 09:36Jane MacartneyThe Times12850

Obama decided unilaterally to reduce use opportunity of US nuclear weapons

Barack Obama is set to announce a new defence strategy that would reduce the circumstances in which the US would be prepared to use nuclear weapons.

06 April 2010 , 08:49BBC News12710

The dead of south African extreme right Eugene Terreblanche may push African biggest economy in a new social instability period

The right wing, white supremist leader, Eugene Terreblanche was probably one of the most divisive and least likable characters in recent South African history.

05 April 2010 , 10:16Robyn CurnowCNN23680

After Haiti and Chile, Mexican-US border was hit by a 7.2 magnitude earthquake

A major 7.2 magnitude earthquake struck near the Mexico-California border on Sunday, killing at least one person as it rocked buildings, ruptured a highway and panicked residents from Tijuana to Los Angeles.

05 April 2010 , 09:47Lizbeth DiazReuters19240

Despite some arrests Saudi Arabia is more than ever under Al Qaeda threat

Analysts are warning Saudi Arabia not to be overly triumphant after busting Al Qaeda cells planning a major attack, because the terrorist group will not be easily defeated.

25 March 2010 , 09:49Timothy McDonaldABC News14430

Hurricane's forecasts announce a very active 2010 season

The 2010 Atlantic hurricane season will produce 14 named tropical storms and seven hurricanes, four of which might reach Category 3 or higher, weather data provider Impact Weather announced.

23 March 2010 , 10:09Trevor DemaraOilonline10510

Historical vote in favor of Obama healthcare reform system

The US House of Representatives has narrowly voted to pass a landmark healthcare reform bill at the heart of President Barack Obama's agenda.

22 March 2010 , 10:02BBC News12390

EU finance ministers found an agreement to help Greece

Europe's finance ministers have agreed how to help Greece in its battle to control its finances.

16 March 2010 , 10:05BBC News14530

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