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A 6.9 magnitude earthquake hit Tibet in China

A strong earthquake has rocked the Tibetan plateau in China, killing at least 67 people and leaving many others trapped in collapsed mud-built homes.

14 April 2010 , 09:36Jane MacartneyThe Times12140

Obama decided unilaterally to reduce use opportunity of US nuclear weapons

Barack Obama is set to announce a new defence strategy that would reduce the circumstances in which the US would be prepared to use nuclear weapons.

06 April 2010 , 08:49BBC News12030

The dead of south African extreme right Eugene Terreblanche may push African biggest economy in a new social instability period

The right wing, white supremist leader, Eugene Terreblanche was probably one of the most divisive and least likable characters in recent South African history.

05 April 2010 , 10:16Robyn CurnowCNN23130

After Haiti and Chile, Mexican-US border was hit by a 7.2 magnitude earthquake

A major 7.2 magnitude earthquake struck near the Mexico-California border on Sunday, killing at least one person as it rocked buildings, ruptured a highway and panicked residents from Tijuana to Los Angeles.

05 April 2010 , 09:47Lizbeth DiazReuters18500

Despite some arrests Saudi Arabia is more than ever under Al Qaeda threat

Analysts are warning Saudi Arabia not to be overly triumphant after busting Al Qaeda cells planning a major attack, because the terrorist group will not be easily defeated.

25 March 2010 , 09:49Timothy McDonaldABC News13810

Hurricane's forecasts announce a very active 2010 season

The 2010 Atlantic hurricane season will produce 14 named tropical storms and seven hurricanes, four of which might reach Category 3 or higher, weather data provider Impact Weather announced.

23 March 2010 , 10:09Trevor DemaraOilonline9970

Historical vote in favor of Obama healthcare reform system

The US House of Representatives has narrowly voted to pass a landmark healthcare reform bill at the heart of President Barack Obama's agenda.

22 March 2010 , 10:02BBC News11890

EU finance ministers found an agreement to help Greece

Europe's finance ministers have agreed how to help Greece in its battle to control its finances.

16 March 2010 , 10:05BBC News13690

Fastidious Iraqi election poll counting causes strong population's frustration

At a vote-counting center in eastern Baghdad, a dozen men representing various political parties sat on a stage in a school gymnasium on Sunday, monitoring the counting of ballots.

15 March 2010 , 08:51Marc SantoraThe New York Times14940

General strike in Greece to protest against austerity plan

Greek public transport was halted, flights grounded and state hospitals left with emergency staff only on Thursday as workers held yet another general strike to protest painful spending cuts.

11 March 2010 , 12:06Nicholas PaphitisThe New York Times11970

Strong earthquake hardly hits Turkey

A strong earthquake has struck eastern Turkey, killing at least 57 people, officials have said.

09 March 2010 , 09:56BBC News963630

Greek government shows its will to control public finances through a new austerity plan

The Greek government has approved a new package of tax increases and spending cuts to save 4.8bn euros ($6.5bn; £4.4bn) and ease its budget crisis.

04 March 2010 , 08:43BBC News11600

Killing storm hits Europe

At least 50 people have been killed in storms that have lashed parts of Spain, Portugal and France, officials say.

01 March 2010 , 09:23BBC News12470

Vancouver games over, its Sochi turn now

Vancouver ended its time hosting the 2010 Olympic games on a light-hearted note.

01 March 2010 , 09:01The Wall Street Journal9170

Obama's healthcare summit failed

A day-long televised healthcare summit in Washington hosted by President Barack Obama has ended without a deal to break the deadlock between parties.

26 February 2010 , 08:21BBC News10710

Turkish military generals plot to take power failed

Seven senior military officers have been formally charged in Turkey with attempting to overthrow the government.

25 February 2010 , 08:24BBC News39600

New American regional organisation with Canada and the US excluded

Latin American and Caribbean nations have agreed to set up a new regional body without the US and Canada.

24 February 2010 , 08:48BBC News9820

Sucessful's coup made in uranium attractive Niger

A coup has taken place in Niger and the president has been captured after a gun battle in the capital, Niamey.

19 February 2010 , 08:37BBC News8870

Obama relaunch the US nuclear industry

President Barack Obama has announced more than $8bn (£5bn) of federal loan guarantees to begin building the first US nuclear power stations for 30 years.

17 February 2010 , 13:22BBC News10220

Us sanctions in Iran focusing on army elite guards

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton says the United States is focusing sanctions on Iran's Revolutionary Guard Corps.

17 February 2010 , 08:56Voice of America10940

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