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Will the russian Turkish stream be launched, or an apology to Erdogan is not enough?

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News // Society

Parliament to refine telecoms policy

The South African parliament will begin hearings on ground rules...
22 September 2001 , 09:032930

Internet at petrol pumps

This refers to a news item that the PSO has plans to install Internet facilities...
21 September 2001 , 16:373660

Countries Take Action on US Attacks

International actions and events connected with the U.S. campaign to find and punish...
19 September 2001 , 12:103510

Rumours spark gasoline panic

Fearing $1 per litre prices, motorists queue around N.S.
18 September 2001 , 13:084320

First census after independence to be held in Georgia next year

In the high mountainous regions of the country this process will take place from 19 to 26 September ...
10 September 2001 , 18:063310

IHRDC Hosts Boston Series on Gas Business Management

International Human Resources Development Corporation (IHRDC) has announced ...
02 September 2001 , 10:084990

IHRDC Hosts Boston Series on Gas Business Management

International Human Resources Development Corporation (IHRDC) has announced ...
31 August 2001 , 12:123670

International conference for development of highland regions of Central Asia completed in Tajikistan

International Conference for Development of highland regions of Central Asia ...
30 August 2001 , 15:473520

Springfield Neighborhood Upset With Gas Station

Residents in a section of Springfield say not only are drug dealers and prostitutes to blame...
30 August 2001 , 08:102760

Saudi telecom sector forges ahead

By committing sizeable investments into infrastructure and gradually reducing the prices...
29 August 2001 , 13:302450

International conference «XXI century — to the world, free of nuclear weapons» is to start in Alma-Ata

The International conference is to take place...
29 August 2001 , 11:153320

Natural gas helps expel Cairo fumes

With more than a million cars spewing exhaust fumes into the air...
22 August 2001 , 09:064510

Indonesian navy to isolate Aceh rebels

The Indonesian navy says it intends to launch an operation to cut off seaborne supplies to Aceh...
21 August 2001 , 16:153360

Customer services takes foot off gas

The last time I had dinner with Centrica?s boss Roy Gardner, he didn?t strike me as someone who suffers...
20 August 2001 , 09:114020

Massey health and safety records questioned

Workers of America union, has urged federal and state agencies to review Massey Energy?s health and safety record....
27 July 2001 , 09:003440

Turkey presents patrol boat to Kazakhstan

Today, at the Turkish navy base in Geljuk, a Turkish patrol boat was presented ...
26 July 2001 , 12:456670

Philadelphia to Pay Investment Banking Firm to Study Future of Gas Works

The Street administration will pay the investment banker Lehman Brothers...
23 July 2001 , 11:443720

Free gas is public service for church

Rachel Augustine couldn't believe what she was reading, but she drove up...
23 July 2001 , 08:145110

First Chance For Gas

Today, at 8 a.m., the gates to the Winston Cup garage at New Hampshire...
23 July 2001 , 07:073600

Gas-guzling Americans irk Europeans

Europe's latest stereotype of the ugly American is the lazy fat guy mowing down the trees...
19 July 2001 , 08:483690

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