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Why Russia will never be like China

Ever since Mikhail Gorbachev became general secretary 25 years ago last week, the world has compared China’s successful economic reforms, which were first set into motion in late 1978 under the leadership of Deng Xiaoping, with the Soviet Union’s and then Russia’s largely unsuccessful attempts to overhaul its economy.

15 March 2010 , 10:35Yevgeny BazhanovThe Moscow Times23430

Learning cooking as the possibility of how we became humans

Cooking is something we all take for granted but a new theory suggests that if we had not learned to cook food, not only would we still look like chimps but, like them, we would also be compelled to spend most of the day chewing.

03 March 2010 , 09:14Clare KingstonBBC News16200

the secret of aging discovered

One of the biggest puzzles in biology – how and why living cells age – has been solved by an international team based at Newcastle University, in north-east England.

19 February 2010 , 08:51Clive CooksonFinancial Times18540

TNK-BP CEO Faced Difficult Question

President and CEO of Russian-British merger TNK-BP Robert Dudley visited Moscow State Institute for International Relations
09 December 2004 , 13:0012650

Jewellery Show In UAE To Break Records

The 10th International Jewellery Show 2004 in Dubai is likely to break all records
07 December 2004 , 08:5814480

Shell-Nigeria Scandal Deepens

Nigeria Labour Congress is preparing to a second general strike
02 November 2004 , 08:5426050

Shell: Enemy Of Nigerian People

The Nigeria Labour Congress announced a general strike scheduled for November 16
01 November 2004 , 13:0014440

Worker Must Accept Fate

Norway's Federation of Oil Workers Unions has pledged to officially end a four-month long strike
28 October 2004 , 12:2913900

Conoco To Gorger 30 000 People With Caramel

It's the 52-year tradition of the corporation
14 October 2004 , 08:0016100

World Bank New Way to Control Oil, Gas Projects

The World Bank Group agreed to new rules to prevent revenue from oil and gas projects going to corruption
04 August 2004 , 10:4814890

Enron CFO Wife Lost Her Home

Former Enron finance chief wife today swaps her house for a separate prison cell
12 July 2004 , 13:1514740

Russian and CIS Oil and Gas Traders and Exporters Forum — Advanced Techniques and Strategic Price Risk Management

Russian and CIS Oil and Gas Traders and Exporters Forum - Advanced Techniques and Strategic Price Risk Management will be held from 29th of August to the 1st of September 2004 in Amsterdam
24 June 2004 , 10:0618030

Enron Astounded Again

New scandal with collapsed Enron Corp. - its workers post pornographic e-mails at a web site linked to the government agency
18 June 2004 , 08:1113480

Fuel Prices High, Nigeria On National Strike

Nigerian workers, who called a nationwide general strike, demanding from the President Olusegun Obasanjo to..
10 June 2004 , 08:5514070

US Officials Charge Oil Companies In Pushing UP Prices

Democratic attorneys general addressed the Bush administration Thursday with the request...
21 May 2004 , 08:1113590

Canadian Fuel Consumers Revolt

Canada excites rebellion among motorists
13 May 2004 , 07:5113600

Nigerian Oil Workers On Strike

Yesterday nigerian oil workers began warning strike
24 September 2002 , 07:4512720

Nigerian Women vs Oil Majors

Oil majors face renewed threat from women in Nigeria
15 August 2002 , 09:328290

IBM To Cut 1,000 Jobs At Hungarian Unit

IBM is to cut 1,000 jobs at its Hungarian hard disk drive unit
31 July 2002 , 11:408670

Microsoft is going to decline the unemployment rate.

Bill Gates want to hire 5000 employees to expand his business
26 July 2002 , 13:008270

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