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News // Middle East and OPEC

OPEC: Oil supply and demand gap could widen in 2019

JMMC concluded that the oil supply could rise above global requirements in 2019.

12 November 2018 , 17:25Neftegaz.RU2830

Kuwait prices new super light crude above Saudi Arab extra light

KPC has set the official selling prices for its new Super Light Crude grade at a premium.

19 October 2018 , 12:06Tsvetana ParaskovaNeftegaz.RU2860

Petrofac secures $50 million contract extension in Iraq

Petrofac secured a 4-year renewal of a contract for maintenance management services for a client in Iraq.

09 October 2018 , 12:07Neftegaz.RU2390

U.A.E. joins OPEC members with commitment to more oil output

The UAE became the latest party to an OPEC-led effort to stabilize the oil market with pledges of an increase in production.

04 July 2018 , 12:06Daniel J. GraeberNeftegaz.RU4770

Russia gets $63.5 billion windfall from OPEC+ deal

Russia’s budget has received more than $63.5 billion in additional revenues thanks to the production cut deal between OPEC and non-OPEC nations.

03 July 2018 , 16:08Tsvetana ParaskovaNeftegaz.RU4910

OPEC+ agrees to increase global oil production by nearly 1 mln barrels per day

OPEC and non-OPEC oil producers agreed on June 23 to share increased oil production in a move that is seen as stabilizing global energy prices.

25 June 2018 , 00:04Neftegaz.RU5380

Russia gears up to boost oil production in July

Russia’s plans for exports and refinery runs in the coming months point to Moscow preparing to increase its oil production, as early as in July.

22 June 2018 , 16:04Tsvetana ParaskovaNeftegaz.RU4750

Iran to veto Saudi-proposed supply boost along with Venezuela and Iraq

Hossein Kazempour Ardebili, said Iran along with Venezuela and Iraq is going to veto Saudi Arabia’s proposal to increase oil production.

19 June 2018 , 18:00Neftegaz.RU5570

Russia boosts oil production before OPEC meeting

Russia pumped 11.09 million barrels of oil daily in the 1st week of June.

13 June 2018 , 16:08Irina SlavNeftegaz.RU5210

Kazakhstan in consultations on easing OPEC oil output reduction agreement

Kazakhstan is consulting other producers on the potential easing of a 2016 oil output reduction agreement.

05 June 2018 , 10:10Neftegaz.RU3880

Key oil industry figures to discuss OPEC policy, sanctions this week in St. Petersburg

Key oil ministers and company executives will gather in Russia later this week for the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum.

22 May 2018 , 18:00Tsvetana ParaskovaNeftegaz.RU4920

OPEC production cuts: Is Russia complying?

Russia’s oil production held onto an 11-month high in April.

03 May 2018 , 18:00Tsvetana ParaskovaNeftegaz.RU6190

'Back-slider' Iraq keeps oil export levels steady

Iraq brought in nearly $6.5 million last month by exporting an average of nearly 3.5 million barrels of oil per day,.

25 April 2018 , 15:23Daniel J. GraeberNeftegaz.RU4960

Minister: Azerbaijan not considering joining OPEC, remains committed to output cut deal

Azerbaijan is not considering joining OPEC but remains committed to the OPEC coalition output cut deal.

24 April 2018 , 10:23Neftegaz.RU5240

Rosneft to open a research and development center in Qatar

Rosneft has opened an office of the International center for research and development in Qatar.

29 March 2018 , 18:00Neftegaz.RU7220

OPEC is looking to extend oil production cooperation with Russia for up to 20 years

Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman told that OPEC is looking for a long-term agreement of 10 to 20 years.

28 March 2018 , 10:10Neftegaz.RU8180

Russia will stick to the OPEC deal

Russia will continue to comply with the OPEC oil production cut deal.

20 March 2018 , 18:00Irina SlavNeftegaz.RU4850

OPEC drafting agreement to institutionalize market cooperation with Russia, other allies

OPEC is drafting an agreement that would institutionalize the producer group´s oil market cooperation with Russia.

16 February 2018 , 12:06Neftegaz.RU4350

Russia gets $41.5 billion boost from OPEC deal

 Since the start of the OPEC-Russia cut deal, Russia’s oil companies and government have received the equivalent of around $41.5 billion more in proceeds.

14 February 2018 , 14:07Tsvetana ParaskovaNeftegaz.RU5080

Libyan oil production hits post-Gadhafi high

Total oil production from Libya in January was close to 1 million barrels per day.

09 February 2018 , 14:06Daniel J. GraeberNeftegaz.RU4190

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