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News // Metal market

Gold Supplies to Indian Banks Stopped

Some foreign banks have altogether stopped supplies of gold to Indian banks in a bid to reduce their exposure to Asian markets whilst the credit crisis having a direct impact on funding costs and drying up of interbank credit lines
05 November 2008 , 10:52Jo Amey6620

Gold Makes Gains of 1 pc

Gold gains more than 1 pc after making its biggest monthly decline in a quarter century in October
03 November 2008 , 10:28Jo Amey5910

Gold Heads for Biggest Decline Since 1983

Gold slipped on Friday and was on course for its biggest monthly decline since 1983, as oil fell on recession fears, the dollar firmed and stocks reversed gains, forcing investors to cash in to stem losses
31 October 2008 , 10:21Jo Amey6060

Gold Rises 1%

Gold rose more than 1 percent in Asia on Monday as investors scoured for safe havens amid fresh government efforts to calm turmoil
27 October 2008 , 11:19Jo Amey4400

Gold Returns from 13 Month Low

Gold rises but is stumped by surging dollar
23 October 2008 , 13:00Jo Amey7660

Norilsk Nickel Takes Measures To Cope With Financial Crisis

Norilsk Nickel is selling its only North American asset and revising its investment program for next year, chief financial officer Oleg Lobanov told the reporters of The Moscow Times
22 October 2008 , 13:21Ksenia Kochneva6050

Silver Output Cut by Russian Polymetal

Russian largest silver miner cut its forecast for output of the metal because of a rapid fall in its price
21 October 2008 , 08:59Ksenia Kochneva5400

Metal Prices Fall as US Economy Faces Big Threat

Base metals plummeted on Thursday, with Shanghai copper and zinc futures hitting their downside limit and London copper fell by 5 percent
16 October 2008 , 11:17Jo Amey5540

Gold Rises 2%

As rising oil prices boosted its appeal as a hedge against inflation, gold rose more than 2 percent on Tuesday
14 October 2008 , 08:27Jo Amey5640

Gold Up after Biggest Drop in 30 Years

After posting its biggest one-day drop in nearly 30 years the previous session, gold gained more than 1 percent on Monday
13 October 2008 , 09:58Jo Amey5730

Copper Falls to Lowest in 30-Months

After concern that a coordinated reduction in interest rates in the U.S. and Europe won't be enough to restore investor confidence and revive economic growth, copper fell to its lowest price since March 2006
09 October 2008 , 11:06Jo Amey6210

Economy Concerns Overshadow Metal Prices

Base metal prices remain low amid fears of the state of the global economy
09 October 2008 , 10:54Jo Amey5090

Gold and Platinum on Par for the First Time in Ten Years

Platinum is approaching parity with gold for the first time in years, but fundamentals may soon drive the metals apart again
08 October 2008 , 08:47Jo Amey6310

Gold gains amid global economy fears

Gold made gains of nearly one per cent on Tuesday after stock markets dropped on growing fears for the global economy and a US bailout package to rescue distressed banks failed to calm fears
07 October 2008 , 08:25Jo Amey5570

Fall in Demand for US Cars Lowers Metal Prices

Precious metal prices have plummeted in tandem with car sales
06 October 2008 , 10:59Jo Amey5800

Don't use gold for speculation

Investors are being warned by trading experts to use gold as just one of many diversification vehicles rather than for speculation
06 October 2008 , 09:06Jo Amey6340

Gold falls nearly 5%

Gold futures fell by nearly 5pc after the US Senate's approval of a revised $700 billion bailout plan boosted the dollar
03 October 2008 , 11:16Jo Amey7410

Polyus Gold Is To Get 50.1% in KazakhGold UPDATE

Polyus' board voted unanimously for the Kazakh acquisition
01 October 2008 , 12:00Ksenia Kochneva5810

Gold Trades Near Highest in Two Months

Gold futures traded near the highest in two months
30 September 2008 , 09:47Jo Amey6880

Polyus Gold Is To Get 50.1% in KazakhGold

Polyus Gold offering $390 million in cash and shares for a 50.1 percent stake in KazakhGold
30 September 2008 , 08:44Ksenia Kochneva5420

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