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News // Incidental

Cameroon Militia Group Take 10 Hostage

A Cameroon militia group have taken 10 mostly foreign oil workers hostage threatening to kill the captives if demands for autonomy talks with the government are not met
01 November 2008 , 08:34Jo Amey7780

Kidnapped Chinese Oil Worker Found

A Chinese oil worker has been found alive after being held for almost two weeks by kidnappers
01 November 2008 , 08:09Jo Amey5590

Oil Rig Evacuation in North Sea

An offshore oil rig in the North Sea was partially evacuated on Friday after emergency services received reports of a leak
01 November 2008 , 07:59Jo Amey5560

3 Killed and 26 Missing in China Explosion

Three are confirmed dead and 26 others remain missing 36 hours after a colliery gas explosion in northwest China's Shaanxi Province, Xinhua news agency quoted rescue officials as saying on Friday
31 October 2008 , 09:27Jo Amey7650

Three Killed and Two Missing in Sudan

Three Sudanese working with the Yemeni HTC oil company were killed and two Yemenis were believed missing after they were ambushed in Unity State in southern Sudan
31 October 2008 , 09:13Jo Amey7630

29 Trapped In Gas Explosion

A gas explosion at a coal mine in northern China has trapped at least 29 people, state media said, the latest in a series of colliery accidents across the country
30 October 2008 , 09:49Jo Amey4940

Illinois Oil Well Explosion Kills Two, Injures Four

An oil well exploded in southern Illinois killing two workers and injuring four others
30 October 2008 , 09:38Jo Amey5220

Chinese Oil Worker Killing Condemned by the UN

The UN peacekeeping forces in Sudan condemned on Wednesday the killing of four Chinese oil workers by armed kidnappers in southwest Sudan on Monday
30 October 2008 , 09:24Jo Amey5140

Explosion in Louisiana Leaves One Injured

An explosion at a natural gas facility has left one person injured according to officials in northwest Louisiana
29 October 2008 , 12:51Jo Amey5800

Five Chinese Oil Workers Killed in Sudan

Sudan said Darfur rebels on Monday shot and killed five kidnapped Chinese oil workers
28 October 2008 , 08:26Jo Amey8140

Gunmen Attack on Nigerian Oil Vessels

Two oil vessels were attacked by unidentified gunmen on Saturday in Nigeria's oil-rich Niger Delta area
27 October 2008 , 09:12Jo Amey6690

Search for Chinese Oil Workers in Sudan

Sudanese security forces were struggling through rain and harsh terrain to try to rescue nine Chinese oil workers kidnapped in central Sudan two days ago
21 October 2008 , 12:49Jo Amey5740

Environmental Group Investigate Sour Gas Pipeline

The day before the second blast in a week rattled a sour gas pipeline near Dawson Creek, a Vancouver-based environmental group wrote to provincial Energy Minister Richard Neufeld to complain about government foot-dragging
20 October 2008 , 10:15Jo Amey9230

34 Evacuated from Oil Rig in North Sea

Thirty-four people were evacuated from an oil rig in the North Sea after a fire broke out late yesterday
20 October 2008 , 09:00Jo Amey5700

Kidnap of Nine Chinese Oil Workers in Sudan

Nine Chinese oil workers have been kidnapped in southwestern Sudan, the third such incident in the past year in the oil-rich region
20 October 2008 , 08:30Jo Amey7260

EnCana Pipeline Attacked by Second Blast

EnCana Corp experienced a second explosion in less than a week its natural gas pipeline system on the border between British Columbia and Alberta
17 October 2008 , 10:35Jo Amey7710

Nigerian Navy Vessels Attacked by Gunmen

Nigerian navy vessels guarding the country's main crude oil and liquefied natural gas export terminals were attacked by Gunmen in speedboats on Wednesday
16 October 2008 , 12:18Jo Amey5520

Earthquake Kills and Injures Goldmine Workers in South Africa

A small earthquake hit a South African gold mine causing the death of one mine worker and injuring nine others, leaving another man trapped below the surface
16 October 2008 , 11:10Jo Amey5490

Explosion Treated as "A Serious Criminal Act"

"A serious criminal act", is being investigated by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police where an explosion damaged an EnCana pipeline feeding gas from the Alberta province to the Pacific coast in Canada
15 October 2008 , 09:14Jo Amey6090

Apache may be to blame for explosion

Apache Energy Limited's pipeline explosion which drastically cut Western Australia's gas supply, may have committed offences under two pipeline acts
10 October 2008 , 09:49Jo Amey6790

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