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News // Incidental

Yemen LNG pipeline down after another bombing

Yemen LNG’s operations have been disrupted again after another explosion at its pipeline, the only LNG artery in the country, early this morning.

22 August 2012 , 09:21Neftegaz.RU13430

WesternZagros secures $57m financing from Crest

In the latest in a string of foreign investment developments in the Kurdish region of Iraq, Canadian explorer WesternZagros has obtained equity financing from Crest Energy International worth CAN$57 million.

09 August 2012 , 13:38Neftegaz.RU12680

Lack of support from TNK-BP Board of Directors hinders the development of Rospan project

Moscow, 24 July 2012 – TNK-BP announces that the proposal made by TNK-BP top management on 20 July concerning the first stage of the full-field development of the Company’s Rospan gas condensate was not approved by the Board of Directors due to lack of support from BP representatives.

25 July 2012 , 00:25Neftegaz.RU14900

Which Country Will See the Next Mining Disaster?

Newsweek on Chilean disaster and most likely ones in the world

18 October 2010 , 10:47Newsweek14710

Platon Lebedev to testify in court

Platon Lebedev, who faces theft charges along with jailed Yukos-founder Mikhail Khodorkovsky , will start to give his testimony in court on Monday.

23 August 2010 , 10:56RIA Novosti16190

Washington vows no slack-off in Gulf oil cleanup

The government vowed on Sunday that operations to completely clean up BP's Gulf of Mexico oil spill and compensate those affected would not slacken off despite the success in halting the leak.

09 August 2010 , 10:26Reuters13410

Major new oil pollution in the US Great Lake region as a consequence of decade of regulatory violations

A Canadian company whose pipeline leaked hundreds of thousands of gallons of oil into a Michigan river has experienced leaks, an explosion and dozens of regulatory violations in the past decade throughout the Great Lakes region and elsewhere in the U.S.

30 July 2010 , 08:58Tim Martin, David RunkAssociated Press24320

100-day mark of BP oil spill catastrophe

The Gulf of Mexico oil disaster reached the 100-day mark Wednesday with hopes high that BP is finally on the verge of permanently sealing its ruptured Macondo well.

29 July 2010 , 09:49The Sydney Morning Herald20200

New oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico

The Coast Guard dispatched emergency teams Tuesday after a boat crashed into an oil well off the coast of New Orleans, reportedly sending crude spewing some 20 feet into the air.

28 July 2010 , 08:21AFP13410

Sea cleaned in only ten days after the Dalian oil spill, Chinese authorities have announced

Chinese officials said Monday one of the nation's worst oil spills had been cleaned up 10 days after a massive explosion sent an estimated 1,500 tons of crude into the Yellow Sea along the northeastern port city of Dalian.

27 July 2010 , 09:48Lily KuoLos Angeles Times15280

Chinese oil spill has more than doubled in size in 6 days

China's largest reported oil spill has more than doubled in size to 165 square miles on July 21,2010, forcing beaches to close and prompting officials to warn of a "severe threat" to sea life and water quality.

23 July 2010 , 09:32Meredith CantrellPipeline and Gas16280

Storm in Gulf of Mexico has stopped oil spill work

A storm brewing in the Caribbean brought the deep-sea effort to plug the ruptured oil well to a near standstill Wednesday just as BP was getting tantalizingly close to going in for the kill.

22 July 2010 , 10:00Colleen Long and Michael

First concrete success for BP in the Gulf of Mexico oil disaster

BP has successfully placed a new cap over the leaking Gulf of Mexico oil well.

13 July 2010 , 08:57Sky News14190

BP try to fix a new cap on the oil well that should be able to contain 100% of the oil leaking

Using underwater robots, BP engineers worked on Sunday to replace a cap over a gushing oil well in the Gulf of Mexico as part of a new attempt to contain the worst environmental disaster in US history.

12 July 2010 , 08:33The Asian Age16030

Russian submersibles could intervene to stop the oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico

Russian-built submersibles would be able to cap the oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico, the captain of one of the vessels has said.

09 July 2010 , 08:51Katia MoskvitchBBC News16710

Obama administration return to court to reinstate a six months deepwater oil drilling moratorium

The Obama administration heads to court on Thursday with a single goal -- to reinstate a six-month moratorium on deepwater oil drilling imposed in response to the BP Plc oil spill but blocked by a federal judge.

08 July 2010 , 09:24Jeremy PelofskyReuters12920

The State is more reliable to inspect oil wells

While federal regulators have ignored abandoned oil wells in the Gulf of Mexico, at least 25 states have been busy sealing their old wells. On land, leaky old wells aren't so easily forgotten.

07 July 2010 , 12:07Reuters12430

BP oil disaster coasts have surpassed the $3 billion mark

The cost of the BP oil spill has surpassed the $3 billion mark, the oil giant said in statement today.

06 July 2010 , 08:45UKnetguide15500

Massive oil fighting Armada may move in the Gulf of Mexico to help

A new emergency federal rule could set the stage for the departure of two of the Pacific Northwest's largest oil-spill-response vessels and five Navy skimmers to battle the massive spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

02 July 2010 , 09:29Hal BerntonThe Seattle Times15150

Hurricane Alex brings more oil on US coasts

Rough seas generated by Hurricane Alex have pushed more oil from the massive spill on to US Gulf coast beaches as clean-up vessels are sidelined by the storm.

01 July 2010 , 08:56Virgin Media15680

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