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Will the russian Turkish stream be launched, or an apology to Erdogan is not enough?

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News // Incidental

Chinese Oil Tanks Washed Away

Two of three oil tanks washed away in southwestern China are still missing
23 July 2004 , 08:294120

Pak Oil To Crash Near Afghan Border

Pak Oil tankers destroyed near Afghan border
19 July 2004 , 14:434030

Favorite Target of Saboteurs Harmed Again

Iraq: saboteurs attacked two oil pipelines on Thursday
16 July 2004 , 13:004980

Two Car Bombings In Iraq

Two car blasts took place in Iraq today
16 July 2004 , 09:164500

Liable For Disaster to Court Today

Wednesday six people responsible for last year's gas well blast accident were brought to court to face trial.
14 July 2004 , 08:115930

Shell Leaks

Gas leak at Shell refinery
08 July 2004 , 09:524540

Iraq To delay Amnesty For Strikers

Iraq delays amnesty as oil prices soar over pipeline strike
06 July 2004 , 12:593670

Gas Blast Memorial

9 candles were lit at a service yesterday to mark the nine lives lost in the Stockline plastic factory tragedy
05 July 2004 , 11:523260

Oil Workers To Shut Output

Oil workers may shut output
25 June 2004 , 10:303430

Norway Oil Strike to Worsen, Output to be Reduced Further

The strike that has hit Norway's oil sector will worsen from next Monday
24 June 2004 , 15:503570

Norway Oil Strike To Cut 375 000 Bpd

Norway oil strike widens to 375,000 bpd
23 June 2004 , 11:294360

Oil' Flowing

Oil flowed to a southern port Sunday after crews completed key repairs on a pipeline
21 June 2004 , 11:093570

Iraq: Next Pipeline Attack

In other violent incidents, a series of explosions rocked a US..
16 June 2004 , 08:113300

New Iraqi Government Unwelcome, Iraqi Pipeline Detonating

Wreckers blew up a key northern oil pipeline near Beiji Wednesday
10 June 2004 , 08:324120

Iraq-Turkey Oil Pipeline Exploded

Sunday night saboteurs detonated sound grenades the Kirkuk-Turkey pipeline in Northern Iraq
09 June 2004 , 09:554630

People Forfeit Lives for Iraq New Government Appointment

Yesterday in Baghdad dozens of people were killed and wounded in bomb blasts
02 June 2004 , 08:114970

They That Mischief Hatches, Mischief Catches

Russia: two men were killed when they were trying to plant a bomb
31 May 2004 , 08:555090

Seven Russian Victims Of Iraqi Rebels

Two Russia's citizens have been killed, and five ones wounded in an attack by Iraqi rebels
26 May 2004 , 09:365510

Petrobras Rig Workers Injured

Petrobras reported that five its workers on the Ocean Yatzy rig were hurt
21 May 2004 , 09:364130

Pipeline Rupture in US

A 12-inch natural gas pipeline was ruptured Monday during construction work.
12 May 2004 , 09:555030

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