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News // Conferences&Exhibitions

3rs Annual Azerbaijan & Caspian Sea Oil and Gas Week 2015

In an interview with international news agency,William Lahue, NATO Liaison Officer in the South Caucasus, has stressed the importance of protection from fluctuations for countries with multiple sources of supply.

24 July 2015 , 15:47Neftegaz.RU16220

Advanced technologies of leading companies on the Arctic and shelf development at the RAO/CIS Offshore 2015

15-18 September 2015 RAO / CIS Offshore 2015 will gather in St. Petersburg, government representatives and specialists of domestic and foreign companies and leading scientists to discuss the most important issues of development of the Arctic and continental shelf.

22 July 2015 , 10:46Neftegaz.RU15570

Croatia - Expect Oil & Gas Developments Soon

Global Summits organiser, IRN is delighted to announce that the 4th Balkans Oil & Gas Summit will be held in Dubrovnik, Croatia.

15 July 2015 , 12:41Neftegaz.RU13860

The ‘Perfect’ Oil & Gas Licensing System London, 7-8 October

How are Energy and Petroleum Ministries planning to boost oil and gas investments in their countries under the current oil price turmoil?

01 July 2015 , 13:04Neftegaz.RU10210

4th edition of the Balkans Oil & Gas Summit to take place on 23-24th October in Athens

With the Official Support and Endorsement from all Balkans Governments, the 4th Balkans Oil & Gas Summit is a flagship event held by the global summits organiser, IRN, on yearly since September 2012.

01 July 2015 , 12:56Neftegaz.RU10450

Libya’s National Oil Corporation Chairman to Open Libya Oil & Gas Forum in London

During his first keynote speech in front of the oil and gas community at last year’s New Libya Oil & Gas 2014 Forum, Mustafa Sanallah, Chairman of the Libyan NOC, stated that production output is his highest priority. Indeed, a major oil company operating in the country just announced that their production in Libya has now exceeded the pre-revolution levels.

01 July 2015 , 12:53Neftegaz.RU14290

VII International Forum of Nuclear Industry Suppliers ATOMEX 2015 to be Held October 13–15 in Moscow

VII International forum of nuclear industry suppliers ATOMEX 2015 is to be held in Moscow (Expocentre) on October 13th thru 15th.

29 June 2015 , 00:00Neftegaz.RU9490

Navigant contributes to the long-term global energy plan at the World Gas Conference

The long-term global energy plan and the role of natural gas will be debated this week by some of the World’s most senior industry leaders, at the 26th World Gas Conference (WGC) in Paris.

01 June 2015 , 17:30Neftegaz.RU7330

SPE Russian Petroleum Technology Conference— Registration Open

Society of Petroleum Engineers is pleased to announce that registration for SPE Russian Petroleum Technology Conference (26-28 October 2015, Moscow, Russia) is open. Every year the conference attracts a great number of the leading industry companies. Thus, in 2014 approximately 800 delegates took part in the conference.

01 June 2015 , 13:30Neftegaz.RU9830

The Global Offshore Oil & Gas Exploration & Production Congress (GOC 2015)

The Global Offshore Oil & Gas Exploration & Production Congress (GOC 2015) discusses the geo-strategic, commercial, technology and regulatory issues that will shape the future of the development and commercialisation of the deep and ultra-deepwater oil and gas industry in several regions including the North Sea and the Arctic, the Mediterranean, the West African Coast, the Persian Gulf, the Gulf of Mexico, the Indian Ocean, Australasia and the South China Sea.

22 April 2015 , 15:18Neftegaz.RU9330

Oil job cuts in Africa increase but new projects continue on the horizon

The recent fall and volatile nature of the oil price has undeniably affected exploration and production companies on a global scale. Oil and gas companies are undoubtedly being forced to adjust the way in which they operate within all areas of business. 

15 April 2015 , 16:12Neftegaz.RU7940

6th Basra Oil & Gas International Conference and Exhibition / 3-6 February 2016

Solidarity, Success and Connectivity (come alive at Basra Oil & Gas International Conference and Exhibition).

09 April 2015 , 10:58Neftegaz.RU7070

Oil & Gas Minister of the Sultanate of Oman officially endorses Arabian Sea Summit

The Omani Government has previously announced they aim to empower all aspects of the domestic chain including constructing a world-class refining complex, new field discoveries and EOR developments amongst others, as part of their petroleum strategy.

08 April 2015 , 14:33Neftegaz.RU11800

5th Carbon Dioxide Utilisation Summit

If you are looking for a comprehensive progress update on the global CO2 utilisation industry, including a growth outlook and updates on the latest technological advancements, then look no further. 

26 February 2015 , 16:56Neftegaz.RU15620

SPE continues to accept papers for SPE Russian Petroleum Technology Conference 2015

It is less than a month till call for papers deadline – 10 March 2015.

17 February 2015 , 13:40Neftegaz.RU14430

Inaugural Red Sea Oil & Gas 2015 Summit takes place next week at the Meydan Dubai

The first worldwide meeting, Red Sea Oil & Gas Summit will inaugurate next week at the Meydan Hotel in Dubai, on 23rd-24th February with the Chairman of Ganoub El-Wadi Petroleum Holding Company Egypt (Ganope) being the latest addition to the outstanding speaking faculty.

17 February 2015 , 12:31Neftegaz.RU15020

Oil & Gas Security in Asia Pacific to be addressed at a Forum in Bangkok. 20th-21st May

Asia Pacific (Apac) countries present enormous opportunities for oil and gas companies, with some oil leaders recently announcing further expenditure for hydrocarbon production development as the region’s energy market has the highest contribution to the global energy demand.  In order to produce hydrocarbons in this region, oil and gas companies must address its particular security challenges.

10 February 2015 , 12:40Neftegaz.RU13380

Oil and gas finds in the Red Sea herald unprecedented energy investment programmes

The interesting complex of geological structures in the Red Sea generates numerous commercial opportunities.

26 January 2015 , 15:02Neftegaz.RU9360

Egypt’s oil and gas sector: Important industry discussions on 18-19 February in Cairo

Egypt was one of the first countries that began drilling early in 1885, and this has shaped the economic development and future of the country ever since. Recent discoveries in Egypt’s gas industry have enhanced the growth of the energy sector, captivating strong interest from oil companies on a national and international level.

26 January 2015 , 14:56Neftegaz.RU18410

SPE Russian Petroleum Technology Conference 2015 - Call for papers is open!

“The end of the oil era is still far away,” according to Christophe de Margerie. His prediction serves as the inspiration for this year’s Russian Petroleum Technology Conference, to be held 26-28 October in Moscow

23 January 2015 , 14:26Neftegaz.RU9600

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