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News // Economy

Belorussia Gold Reserves Grew

The Belorussian National Bank said that its gold and foreign exchange reserves
12 May 2005 , 13:034310

Bush Urges To Turn To Green Cars To Save Oil

President George Bush revealed on Wednesday an energy plan designed to reduce the US's dependence on fossil fuels
28 April 2005 , 09:134110

Bush Trying To Coax Saudi Prince

The plan is a good scheme to address the underlying problems of oil availability and manufacturing capability in the volatile energy sector
27 April 2005 , 15:095710

Japan, Russian Ministers Have Serious Talks

The two ministers are also expected to talk about Russia's accession to the World Trade Organization
22 April 2005 , 14:015330

Russian Gold, Forex Reserves Up

Russian Central Bank announced Thursday that Russia's gold and foreign currency reserves were...
22 April 2005 , 13:335970

Japan Needs Oil Pipeline From Russia

Japan has offered financial assistance for the project
20 April 2005 , 14:396120

Russian Companies In SA Need More Banks

Russian banks plan to open offices in South Africa
20 April 2005 , 13:344950

South Africa Turn To Sustainable Energy

SA national monopoly electricity supplier Eskom, will measure the quantities..
20 April 2005 , 08:484420

Oil Prices Constitute A Menace To Global Economy

IMF stressed that continued volatility in world oil prices could hamper..
15 April 2005 , 09:315190

World Oil Market Highly Vulnerable: IMF

The International Monetary Fund said on Wednesday that the world oil market remains highly vulnerable
14 April 2005 , 13:034450

High Oil Prices Won't Save Russia

Russia's economy will not benefit from high oil prices which will spur inflation
08 April 2005 , 14:004940

US Oil Reserves Increased

The US Energy Department reported that US commercial oil inventories increased
07 April 2005 , 10:583830

Oil Price To Double To $100

Growing global oil demand will cause crude oil prices to almost double to $100
06 April 2005 , 08:543620

Russian Gold, Forex Reserves

Russian gold and currency reserves increased
01 April 2005 , 14:393400

Russia Secures Budget By Storing Oil Revenue

The stabilization fund, set up to store oil revenue to protect the budget in case oil prices drop
28 March 2005 , 09:594940

Shell chairman warns oil firms to prepare for end of hydrocarbon age

Royal Dutch/Shell Group chairman Phillip Watts has said that major oil companies...

08 October 2001 , 15:05Neftegaz.RU1140

SoCal Gas «confident» on fueling Calif power plants

Sempra Energy told California energy officials on Tuesday its natural gas ...

06 June 2001 , 08:48Neftegaz.RU1750

Southern Illinois co-op seeks to revamp coal-fired plant

A proposal from Southern Illinois Power Cooperative to construct a coal-burning boiler that uses advanced technology at its Marion, Ill., facility will be scrutinized as part of hearing April 18 on the utility?

23 March 2001 , 09:50Neftegaz.RU1160

Japan Showa Shell's 2000 net profit surge 583.7% on year

Japanese refiner Showa Shell Sekiyu KK on late Tuesday posted a consolidated net profit ...

01 March 2001 , 14:22Neftegaz.RU1090

Holland's Petroplus closes power unit, loses Eur1.8-mil

Petroplus has decided to close Petroplus Power ...

01 March 2001 , 10:32Neftegaz.RU1200

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