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News // Ecology

Tragedy At China's Refinery

Three people were deadly poisoned, two else were severely wounded at an oil refinery
20 April 2004 , 12:053550

Heavy Chemical Spill At Shell plant

Major chemical spill has occurred about 8.40am today at the Shell oil refinery
16 April 2004 , 10:365220

Japan Bank To Support Ecologic Progects

Japan Bank for International Cooperation is going to sign an agreement with Mexico to support Japanese companies engaged in...
15 April 2004 , 08:323230

Natural Gas Vehicle Program In Asia

The program is envisioned to enhance energy supply security in the transport sector through the diversification using indigenous natural gas
14 April 2004 , 09:555260

A Credible Threat»

Fears are rising among many Somalis about container tanks...
09 April 2004 , 13:425460

Indians Against Oil Giant

Ecuadorian Indians sues an oil giant...
31 October 2003 , 10:364740

China Is Ready To Changes Welcoming Olympic Games

China is planning to replace coal with natural gas as its top energy source
31 October 2003 , 08:006900

Norway: Less Power, Less Investments

Norway, the world's third-biggest oil exporter, is unable to produce enough electricity for its needs because of pollution rules
24 October 2003 , 11:115300

Oil Search Ltd businesses are going great guns.

Shares in Oil Search Ltd fell almost six per cent, because there are some fears that its PNG gas pipeline project could be on the backburner.
23 October 2003 , 06:144760

Spill Damage To Stay For Long

An oil spill from Tasman Spirit is still polluting the beach.
12 September 2003 , 09:285150

Disastrous Oil Spill Consequences

The Prestige oil tanker accident brought Spain the biggest environmental disaster in its history.
08 September 2003 , 09:464530

Russian Oil Pipeline Threatens Environment

The planned pipeline from Siberia to China by Yukos has been raising fears of an environmental disaster.
03 September 2003 , 11:224550

Russian Oil Disaster

The oil tanker catastrophe 700 km east of Moscow at the Wolga will have big cost and environmental consequences.
02 September 2003 , 10:255970

Nuclear Wastes Stored In The Sea

Sellafield plant to be closed down by 2010.
28 August 2003 , 08:044360

Exxon To Pay $4Bln

A federal appeals court has again ordered a court in Alaska to reconsider a multibillion dollar punitive damages...
26 August 2003 , 07:583620

U.S. Roll Back Clean Air Rules

The Bush administration will allow old coal-fired power plants and oil refineries to emit more air pollution.
25 August 2003 , 11:494440

Pakistan Faces Oil Disaster

Yesterday, operations to drain crude oil from a stranded tanker offshore Pakistan continued...
18 August 2003 , 10:123930

Oil Tanker Accident Threatens Coast

After an accident of a Greek oil tanker near Pakistan, the whole coastline is threatened with environmental disaster.
15 August 2003 , 08:153030

Shell To Supply Olympia Diesel

Shell will supply its ultra clean diesel, produced in Malaysia, for the 2004 Olympics in Athens.
12 August 2003 , 10:124210

Oil Accident In China

On 5 August, a fuel tanker, operated by the China Shipping Group, was rammed by an unidentified boat which caused a leak...
07 August 2003 , 09:464920

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