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News // Ecology

Exxon Pipeline Burned Away

A fuel pipeline of US oil and gas company Exxon Mobil Corp. caught fire Tuesday
02 February 2005 , 10:034960

Gold Is To Be Firm Some Next Days

U.S. gold futures rose on Monday amid a stronger euro
21 December 2004 , 10:155640

Gold Eased As Dollar Gained

Gold futures settled down on Thursday
19 November 2004 , 09:213680

MP Warns Of Enviroment

MP warns of housing threat to environment
24 September 2004 , 15:584470

L.A. Refinery To Charge 109 Enviromental Violations

L.A. refinery charged with 109 environmental law violations
22 September 2004 , 10:244680

New Blow Of Wind Energy

Wind energy a smart option says EECA
20 September 2004 , 08:545410

Solar Energy — The New Gold Rush»

Sunshine is golden - and some might say the next California gold rush
15 September 2004 , 08:594930

Hydroponic Sea Oats Grown to Save Energy

Thousands of sea oats, so vital for preventing coastal erosion, are being raised in this rural Florida Panhandle community
13 September 2004 , 12:446860

Another Dawn For Solar Power

Tech breakthroughs and high energy prices are rekindling the industry
30 August 2004 , 10:355880

Toronto Hydro To Use The Sun

Toronto Hydro uses Xantrex solar inverter to harvest the sun's energy
27 August 2004 , 10:514780

Biodiesel Is Coming»

Mirabito Fuel Group will receive state grant to build biodiesel base
18 August 2004 , 12:136090

ConocoPhillips Imposed a Fine

ConocoPhillips will pay $485 thousand as a penalty for ..
13 August 2004 , 09:183850

BP Threatens to Georgia Main Export

BP had not submitted an agreement guaranteeing environmental protections
27 July 2004 , 09:184190

EU Lowers Greenhouse Gas Emissions

The European Environment Agency estimated emissions of six gases blamed for global warming declined 0.5 percent in 2002 in the then-15-nation bloc
19 July 2004 , 10:374790

Marine Biologists Take Stand Against King William Reservoir

Virginia Institute of Marine Sciences recommends the state withhold a permit to build a 12.2 billion-gallon reservoir
08 July 2004 , 09:536880

Shell: Free Willy 4»

Royal Dutch Shell's oil and gas project offshore Sakhalin threatens the extinction of Grey Whales
29 June 2004 , 08:105920

Greenpeace Protesters Arrested in Pa.

Six Greenpeace activists evaded security and climbed atop a 750 foot smokestack at a coal-fired power plant to hang a banner protesting President Bush's energy policy
25 June 2004 , 13:355620

Nigeria Reinforces Efforts to Protect Environment

The Nigerian government has strengthened its efforts to protect environment against pollution and degradation
23 June 2004 , 17:375190

Pipeline Spills Fuel In S.F. Bay In California

It has already spilled 1 million gallons of diesel fuel into Suisun Bay, which feeds into San Francisco Bay
30 April 2004 , 09:164150

Ecuadorians' Destiny Worrits The Old Beauty

Bianca Jagger, former model and former wife of Mick Jagger, persuaded American Company ChevronTexaco Corp.
29 April 2004 , 07:309480

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