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Brent — 65,99 +1,51%
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News // Ecology

Hurricane Ike swirled over the Gulf of Mexico

it threatens U.S. offshore oil patch
10 September 2008 , 15:437820

Hurricane Gustav Caused $10bn Damage

Hurricane Gustav may trigger insurance claims as high as 10 billion U.S. dollars after lashing Louisiana
03 September 2008 , 15:2911320

Italian Oil Giant ENI CEO Visits Kazakhstan

Eni CEO Paolo Scaroni met today in Astana, Kazakhstan, with Kazakh Prime Minister Karim Masimov
12 October 2007 , 10:5212490

US Motor Fuel Price Overcome Katrina's Price Record

US motor fuel prices have hit an all-time record, breaking highs set after Katrina
17 May 2007 , 10:237830

CNOOC Increases Its Total Investment

More than 20 projects will start operation in the next few years, which include several oil blocks in coastal waters
22 February 2007 , 12:429090

US Court Reduced Exxon's Fine for 1989 Oil Leak

A US court has reduced twice the sum which oil giant Exxon Mobil must pay
26 December 2006 , 09:0510960

Gold Continues to Slide Down

Gold was little changed in New York after the biggest weekly decline since 1990
23 May 2006 , 13:528130

Total Doesn't Work on Proper Way in Russia

Russia's Natural Resources Ministry said on Thursday, that it was unsatisfied by French Total's work
19 May 2006 , 13:078000

Gold Futures at 26yr High

Gold futures hit their recent 25yr record, reaching on Wednesday
04 May 2006 , 11:087660

Environmentalists: British Petroleum Giant Save Money on Earth's Health

Green activists have launched a scathing attack on BP's environmental and safety record
20 April 2006 , 10:007900

China Opens Petroleum Products Market for Foreigners

China will open its wholesale oil products market to foreign investors by the end of this year
07 February 2006 , 10:357520

Russia To Launch Up Satellite To Monitor Chemical Spill

Monitor-E remote Earth-probing satellite, launched on August 26, may be employed for monitoring the situation
01 December 2005 , 12:538020

Lena Gold Company Announced Profit Increase

This increase is connected with sales of the shareholdings of the companies
25 November 2005 , 13:0912700

Gold, Forex Reserves Of Russia Slightly Down

The Bank of Russia's department for public relations informs that Russian gold and currency reserves of the country on November 11 amounted...
24 November 2005 , 10:237240

Gold Eased Wednesday After Tuesday's Record Rise

Comex gold slipped on Wednesday on long liquidation
27 October 2005 , 11:425610

Strong Dollar Triggers Gold Decline

Gold futures in New York stumbled to a lower close
14 July 2005 , 14:036100

Copper Producer Switches To Gold

Kazakhmys Corporation, the largest copper producer in Kazakhstan, said that in the first six months...
06 July 2005 , 10:447300

ITER Mission — The Way To 2000 Yrs Of Fuel Unconcern

Many experts forecast that the crisis is really emerging. Some people decided to solve the problem - meet ITER
30 June 2005 , 09:196790

Gold Eased Again

Gold little changed falling slightly after the dollar rose against the euro
23 June 2005 , 13:455350

BP Concerned About Environment

Oil and gas giant BP plans to invest more than $130 million on new clean diesel
26 April 2005 , 13:005520

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