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News // Ecology

BP oil spill fines to go to Gulf states

A large portion of fines that BP Plc may pay for its role in the worst oil spill in U.S. history should go toward fixing the damage caused to Gulf Coast states, a federal official said on Tuesday

29 September 2010 , 06:41Reuters20350

Strict Rules for Regulators on Ties to the Oil Industry

The Obama administration on Tuesday ordered federal offshore-oil regulators to recuse themselves from official actions involving companies that employ their family members or close friends. It also placed new restrictions on regulators' oversight of companies they once worked for.

01 September 2010 , 12:24The Wall Street Journal13450

BP to Push Ahead on Replacing Blowout Preventer

 BP PLC plans to move ahead with replacing the blowout preventer that sits atop the well that unleashed the Deepwater Horizon oil spill, despite failing in attempts to remove pieces of drill pipe stuck inside the device, the federal oil-spill response chief said Friday.

30 August 2010 , 15:07The Wall Street Journal17970

Transocean Accused Over Gulf Well Maintenance

Transocean failed to meet “recertification” maintenance deadlines for the Deepwater Horizon’s blowout preventer (BOP), the key instrument that failed in the Macondo well explosion, a company employee testified on Wednesday.

27 August 2010 , 13:14CNBC News18440

Final BP Well Plug Delayed Until September: US

BP likely won't put the final plug in its blown-out Gulf of Mexico oil well until September to allow replacement of a critical piece of seabed equipment, the top U.S. oil spill official said Thursday.

20 August 2010 , 10:44CNBC News12740

CO2 storage project in North Sea supported by Norway and the United Kingdom

In a joint effort, Norwegian and British authorities have investigated the possibility of using the North Sea to store carbon dioxide. The report was submitted on 9 June.

15 June 2010 , 10:21OilVoice18020

Medvedev brings the government attention back on the country's environmental concerns

President Dmitry Medvedev ordered an overhaul of environmental regulations Monday, a rare issue on which he has staked a claim to independence from Prime Minister Vladimir Putin.

08 June 2010 , 08:39Reuters14810

Strict regulations protects Russian oil offshore platforms from a oil disaster

Russia has the world’s strictest regulations on offshore oil production, but lags seriously behind with regard to emergency preparedness, a leading official in the country's main environmental watchdog says.

03 June 2010 , 09:52Barents Observer90450

President Medvedev wants renewable energy sources measures

Russian President Dmitry Medvedev said on Thursday measures should be taken to compel companies and enterprises to buy electricity from renewable sources.

28 May 2010 , 09:32RIA Novosti15980

BP oil disaster has already hardly hit Louisiana ecosystem

As officials approached to survey the damage the Gulf oil spill caused in coastal marshes, some brown pelicans couldn't fly away Sunday. All they could do was hobble.

24 May 2010 , 10:31The Associated Press21220

Gulf of Mexico's oil catastrophe as a warning for oil drilling projects in Arctic

Nature photographer Florian Schulz says the oil spill in the Gulf must serve as a warning as the U.S. seeks oil in the Arctic.

11 May 2010 , 10:00Florian Schulzmnn.com28850

How oil disaster in Mexican Gulf can be seen as a long term benefit by the Environmentalists

If you think that environmentalists are lamenting the Gulf oil spill, think again.

05 May 2010 , 09:43Steve MilloyThe Daily Caller35140

Russian president Medvedev has signed a new eco-friendly energetic law

Russian President Dmitriy Medvedev sigend the law On changes to Article 32 of the Federal law On Electric Energy’, the president’s press office has reported.

10 March 2010 , 13:53Kremlin.ru16850

Duke Energy Corp. may find a solution to trim carbon emissions

Duke Energy Corp. will soon launch a program to test whether algae can be used to remove carbon dioxide from its coal-plant emissions.

01 March 2010 , 10:07Charlotte Business Journal28240

US green revolution on his way

Members of the Obama administration are fanning out across Washington to promote the President's signature legislative victory -- the $787 billion stimulus package passed a year ago today.

18 February 2010 , 12:02Oil Daily14900

Norway will build the world biggest wind turbine

Norway will spend Nkr137 million ($23 million) to build what it says will be the world's biggest wind turbine.

17 February 2010 , 09:53Reuters16110

Russians on a good way to save energy through Energy-Saving Lights

Dmitry Medvedev's initiative on the transition to energy-saving lights is supported by 55 percent of Russians.


03 February 2010 , 12:03Lisa KarpovaPravda12610

Pachauri accused of amassing ‘fortune’

United Nations’ top climate change czar Dr Rajendra Pachauri has been accused of making a “ fortune” from his links with ''carbon trading'' companies dependent on the world body’ s policy recommendations.

21 December 2009 , 17:19deccanherald13760

Stormy Sessions, Frustrating Results

Copenhagen Climate Summit Produces an Agreement That Lacks Legal Force and Generated Widespread Unhappiness.

21 December 2009 , 11:29JEFFREY BALLonline.wsj.com16020

Snow no longer pure

The pure white snow atop the Andes Mountains may not be so pure after all. Scientists have found traces of toxic pollutants called …

11 December 2009 , 19:58thenews.com23950

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