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News // Autos

Strike At World Auto Giants

Metalworkers at a General Motors Corp. plant and a Renault auto factory...
23 April 2003 , 10:383010

Automakers Make Records In Asia

Volkswagen, General Motors and other rival companies in China have sold a record amount...
21 April 2003 , 12:293700

DaimlerChrysler Involved In A New Scandal

Shareholders suing DaimlerChrysler AG.
18 April 2003 , 09:595190

GM To Miss Profit Targets

General Motors has announced it would likely to miss...
16 April 2003 , 11:483630

Stoppage At Nissan Mexico

The Mexico unit of Nissan, Japanese car maker, announced a three-day work stoppage...
11 April 2003 , 09:453630

DaimlerChrysler Lost Market Share

DaimlerChrysler is likely not to reach this year's profit forecast.
10 April 2003 , 12:063490

GM And BMW Join Efforts

General Motors and BMW will work jointly on developing refueling devices...
09 April 2003 , 11:483920

Porsche Against Frankfurt Stock Exchange

Sports car maker Porsche has sued the owners of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange.
08 April 2003 , 09:374010

World Auto Giant Cuts Costs For 20%

Ford in order to cover poor car sales and investor scepticism cuts...
08 April 2003 , 09:023760

Ford Intermixes Its Managers

Ford Motor Company continues to reshuffle its North American management.
27 March 2003 , 08:583580

Disappointing Results At Honda Motor

Honda Motor Co Ltd announced that its domestic vehicle output in February had fallen...
26 March 2003 , 08:052790

Auto Giant To Sink Into Oblivion

The auto giant Fiat has sold its Toro insurance company...
24 March 2003 , 09:173530

Toyota To Widen Business

Toyota announced that it increased its staff on 5.9%.
21 March 2003 , 08:593130

Chinese Full Private Automaker To Expand Overseas Sales

Geely Automobiles expands overseas sales of its cheap, locally-made saloon cars...
18 March 2003 , 10:043260

New US Accounting Standards

$1.7bn of Ford exposure to off-balance sheet...
17 March 2003 , 08:373020

Sqabbles At Ford

Ford declined the decision of Nick Scheele to direct all its marketing and advertising needs...
12 March 2003 , 09:063690

Ford Escapes Costs

Ford Motor Co. sells a gasoline-electric hybrid version of the Ford Escape.
06 March 2003 , 08:143080

GM And Shell To Open The First Hydrogen Fuel Pump

General Motors and Shell unveil plans for the first hydrogen fuel pump at a US retail petrol station.
05 March 2003 , 07:573760

Fiat Suffers Significant Losses

Italian industrial conglomerate has announced a 4.26bn euro net loss for 2002.
04 March 2003 , 10:133410

French Toyota Is Better Than The American One

A senior executive at the Japanese carmaker announced that Toyota French employees work harder...
03 March 2003 , 07:232800

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