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News // Autos

Nissan, Most Productive Manufacturer In Europe

Nissan Motor Co. announced yesterday that its car plant in Britain has been ranked the most productive in Europe...
09 July 2003 , 11:373700

Volkswagen To Launch New Model

Volkswagen Group in Japan announced on Monday that it will launch the Touareg...
08 July 2003 , 09:245220

Sales Of Imported New Cars In Japan Stable

The Japanese Automobile Importers Association announced on Friday that Sales of imported new cars in Japan...
07 July 2003 , 12:134850

Mazda to buy small trucks from Isuzu

Mazda Motor Corp reported that it will begin procuring up to 6000 trucks...
04 July 2003 , 10:565050

Nissan Invests In Spain

Nissan Motor Co announced on Wednesday that its Spanish subsidiary...
03 July 2003 , 11:114690

Toyota Ordered To Pay For Accident

A Chinese court has ordered Toyota Motor Corp. to compensate a driver...
02 July 2003 , 11:223820

Orders For Honda?s New Van Reach 10?000

Honda Motor Co reported on Monday that orders for the new and modified versions...
01 July 2003 , 11:583690

Bridgestone Expects Higher Earnings

Bridgestone Corp announced on Friday that it expects a consolidated net profit...
30 June 2003 , 12:134400

Mitsubishi Prevails In Court

A compensation claim filled against Mitsubishi Motors Corp...
20 June 2003 , 10:123350

Daihatsu to double output of engines

Daihatsu Motor Co announced on Wednesday that it intends to produce...
19 June 2003 , 11:584540

Kawasaki Calls Back Motorbikes

Kawasaki Heavy Industries Ltd announced on Tuesday...
18 June 2003 , 11:224850

Honda Calls Back Motorbikes

Honda Motor announced on Monday that it will call back...
17 June 2003 , 12:133530

Toyota?s Hybrid Vehicles To Surge

Toyota Motor Corp., the argest automaker intends to double the number...
17 June 2003 , 11:584960

Toyota Plans Russian Expansion

Toyota, Japans largest car producer announced plans to quadruple car sales...
16 June 2003 , 12:274050

GM Japan To Cut Work Force

General Motors Japan Ltd, a local unit of General Motors Corp...
11 June 2003 , 12:274080

Toyota Stops The Use Of Harmful Substances

Toyota Motor Corp. announced on Monday that it will ban...
10 June 2003 , 11:373740

Honda To Shift US Production To Japan

Honda Motor Co announced that it will shift the large Sedan production...
09 June 2003 , 10:564350

China To Hit Japanese Car Producers

Due to Chinese entry into the World Trade Organization...
06 June 2003 , 12:134150

Volkswagen Calls Back Cars In Japan

Volkswagen Group in Japan announced that it has to call back...
06 June 2003 , 11:584400

Nissan With a New Model In Brazil

Nissan Motor announced that it will introduce the Xterra...
05 June 2003 , 11:453580

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