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News // Autos

Fire Impacts Bridgestone Earnings

Tire manufacturer Bridgestone Corp announced on Wednesday that it had to revise its earning outlook...
25 September 2003 , 10:564720

Volkswagen Threatened With Strike

Volkswagen announced that it would make redundant any worker in Brazil who dared going on strike...
24 September 2003 , 10:124570

AutoZone With Higher Earnings

AutoZone Inc. the largest U.S. auto parts retailer announced on Monday rising quarter earnings...
23 September 2003 , 10:383900

Fire-Hit Bridgestone Plant Is Back

Bridgestone Corp announced that it partly resumed production activity on Saturday afternoon...
22 September 2003 , 10:253990

Toyota's Prius With Successful Debut

Toyota Motor Corp announced on Thursday that its new Prius hybrid passenger model made a strong debut.
19 September 2003 , 10:256540

Rover In India

It was announced that the Indian Tata Motors is producing the City Rover at its plant in Pune, Western India.
18 September 2003 , 10:255210

Mazda To Strengthen US Operations

Hisakazu Imaki, the newly appointed president of Mazda Motor Corp announced on Tuesday that he intends...
17 September 2003 , 10:384040

Toyota Overtakes Daimler Chrysler

Toyota Motor Corp. for the first time, topped Daimler Chryslers unites sales in August...
16 September 2003 , 10:385770

BMW With New Launch

On the Frankfurt Motor Show, BMW launched its X3 baby. The tiny truck, a sports utility vehicle...
15 September 2003 , 10:384060

Germany to Invest in China

DaimlerChrysler AG is going to buy a stake in China...
12 September 2003 , 07:535700

A New Golf

Volkswagen, Europes biggest car maker, took the opportunity of the Frankfurt Motor Show to present a new version of the Golf...
11 September 2003 , 10:384090

Bridgestone Hit By Fire

Bridgestone Corp announced on Tuesday that it intends to shift tire production...
10 September 2003 , 11:113800

Frankfurt Motor Show To Open

The Frankfurt Motor Show which is to open on Thursday is considered to be the largest in the world.
09 September 2003 , 10:033540

Toyota To Cut Output

Toyota Motor Corp is likely to be forced to reduce production further later this week...
08 September 2003 , 10:034130

Mazda Increases Ties With Ford

Mazda Motor Corp announced that it intends to increase its cooperative relationship with its biggest shareholder, Ford Motor Co.
05 September 2003 , 10:253540

Toyota and Mitsubishi Cooperation

Toyota Motor Corp and Mitsubishi Motors Corp announced on Wednesday that they have reached an agreement...
04 September 2003 , 10:255390

Kawasaki Wins Contract

Kawasaki Heavy Industries Ltd announced on Tuesday that it won a contract from the Taipei city government...
03 September 2003 , 10:123520

Toyota Releases New Model

Toyota Motor Corp reported on Monday the launch of the all-new Prius hybrid passenger car in Japan.
02 September 2003 , 12:274020

Volkswagen To Change Management Remuneration

Volkswagen, the biggest car maker in Europe, announced that it will change executive remuneration...
01 September 2003 , 10:037520

Mazda To Be Ford?s Teacher

Ford lossmaking European operation office will meet new cost cutting program.
28 August 2003 , 07:533490

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