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News // Asia

Malaysia Produces More and More Oil

A strong supply growth would prevail in the short term, analysts said
27 April 2007 , 13:464510

Pakistan Gas Prices To Rise

Pakistan is set to remove a government cap on natural gas prices that has deterred potential investment
13 April 2007 , 09:444630

Sinopec's Net Profit Surged By One Third

Sinopec's strong performance was boosted by a one-off subsidy of 5.0 billion yuan from the central government last year
10 April 2007 , 10:403650

China Oil and Gas Industry Too Much Invested

China's oil and gas industries are seeing too much investment which is pressuring resources, said Li Yongwu
02 April 2007 , 11:124760

India to Go Ahead With Gas Pipeline

India's Foreign Minister Pranab Mukherjee said Monday that India intends to construct a multi-billion-dollar gas pipeline
26 March 2007 , 13:535000

Chinese Top Oil Companies

China's top oil producing and offshore oil companies released reports about their major discoveries
20 March 2007 , 10:075030

India's Reliance To Built Gas Pipeline, Signed $4.5 bn Gas Contracts

India's biggest company Reliance Industries Ltd said it has signed contracts worth $4.5 billion
19 March 2007 , 12:525450

China May Build 5th Strategig Reserve

China may build a fifth strategic oil reserve in Lanzhou in the northwestern province of Gansu to store crude from Kazakhstan
15 March 2007 , 13:475380

China to Construct Strategic Oil Reserve Base

South China's Guangdong Province is in discussions with the central government over a proposal to build strategic oil reserve bases in the region
09 March 2007 , 09:304650

Singapore Postponed Oil Storage Construction

The first phase of Singapore's massive underground oil storage project will be completed in four years
08 February 2007 , 09:364670

CNOOC to Invest 10bln Deepwater Exploration

China National Offshore Oil Corp, the country's largest offshore oil producer, plans to invest 10 bln
05 February 2007 , 13:164590

Nippon Oil to Cooperate Alliance With Korean Refining Giant

Nippon Oil Corp. has agreed to form a business and capital alliance with South Korea's largest oil refiner
24 January 2007 , 10:044520

Eni To Explore In Indonesia

Eni SpA had agreed to work with Indonesia's PT Pertamina to explore and develop oil and gas resources in Indonesia
18 January 2007 , 09:5710360

Alaska Villages Received Fuel With Donation

Alaskan villages have begun receiving a donation of fuel from Venezuela
16 January 2007 , 10:115700

China Oil Imports 2006 Results — New Record

China imported 145.18 million tons of crude oil and 36.38 million tons of refined oil in 2006
16 January 2007 , 09:103730

PetroChina Increased Oil and Gas Output

PetroChina Co., the world's third- largest energy company by market value, increased oil and gas output
15 January 2007 , 10:184490

Japan Energy Plans Process More Crude in the New Year

Japan Energy Corp., the country's sixth-biggest refiner, plans to process 2 percent more crude
26 December 2006 , 10:383820

China Set Up Second petroleum Exchange

China set up its second petroleum exchange in port city of Dalian
26 December 2006 , 09:135150

India, China to Explore Jointly in Third Countries

India and China inked a major pact on the joint exploration
18 December 2006 , 11:174770

China Crude Import Continues to Rise

The fast growth of the economy has forced China to depend more and more on imports because of the limited domestic production
18 December 2006 , 08:524710

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