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News // Asia

Chinese economic boom during the first quarter of the year

China's economy grew at an annual rate of 11.9% in the first quarter of the year, which experts say could lead to a revaluation of the yuan.

19 April 2010 , 10:34BBC News21590

World Bank outlook for China growth this next years

The World Bank on Wednesday recommended higher interest rates and a stronger currency for China as it raised growth forecasts for the country, whose rapid economic growth has led to rising inflation expectations and concerns that a bubble is building in the property sector.

17 March 2010 , 09:45Bettina WassenerThe New York Times27640

$1 billion contract signed between PetroVietnam and Chevron to build giant pipeline in South Vietnam

State-run PetroVietnam Gas Corp. has signed a $1 billion Business Cooperation Contract with Chevron Corp.

12 March 2010 , 09:42Dow Jones31450

China oil demand to growth faster in 2010

China's oil demand will increase faster amid better domestic economy in 2010.

26 February 2010 , 10:06iStockAnalyst16680

Oil Prices Higher in Asia

Oil prices were higher in Asian trade Thursday ahead of a report expected to show a build-up in US crude inventories during the recession, dealers said
20 February 2009 , 13:04Ksenia Kochneva15660

Russian Power Plant in Tajikistan

The project was implemented to help the impoverished Central Asian nation cope with expected energy shortages
06 November 2008 , 07:18Ksenia Kochneva15880

Gas consumers will partly finance Iran-Pakistan-India gas line

Expenses of the IPI gas pipeline construction will be included in the bills of gas consumers
10 September 2008 , 12:5913880

India's ONGC Buying Imperial Energy

India's biggest oil producer, ONGC, has agreed to buy Imperial Energy
02 September 2008 , 10:4215140

China Offshore Firm To Build Oil Refinery

It is CNOOC's first large oil refinery project in the country
29 August 2008 , 14:0615180

China Gas Supplier Buys Controlling Stake in LPG Giant

Piped-gas supplier China Gas Holdings Ltd plans to buy a controlling stake in China's largest LPG distributor
27 August 2008 , 13:0112620

China LPG Import Declined

China's liquefied petroleum gas import declined by a double-digit rate in the first six months of this year
26 August 2008 , 11:1915910

Japan Shares Continue To Fall

Japanese shares ended a four-day losing streak Monday
25 August 2008 , 14:1510460

Asian Stock Rallied On Stronger Dollar, Stable Interest Rates

Asian shares rallied on Wednesday on unchanged US Federal Reserve interest rates
06 August 2008 , 09:4912790

Japanese Fishermen On the Largest Strike Due to High Fuel Prices

Japanese fishermen are in the largest strike ever in the history of the industry, protesting against the high fuel prices
29 July 2008 , 10:2710040

China Oil Companies A-shares Surged On High Oil Prices

China A-shares finished the morning mixed amid further consolidation after recent gains
23 July 2008 , 12:159960

PetroChina, Sinopec to Import Oil Products For Eastern China

PetroChina and Sinopec, China's two leading oil producers, are expected to import 720,000 oil products in July for eastern regions
15 July 2008 , 15:3013500

Qatar Has No Need In Saudi Oil

Qatar Oil Minister Abdullah al-Attiyah said on Friday that he saw no demand for the additional crude that Saudi Arabia has pledged over the past few months
11 July 2008 , 15:2210770

Singapore faces Economic Downturn

Singapore's economy shrank at an annualised rate of 6.6% in the three months to June
11 July 2008 , 09:4111200

Pakistan, UN To Investigate Bhutto Murder

Pakistan and the United Nations have agreed in principle to set up a UN panel to investigate the killing of Pakistani ex-PM Benazir Bhutto.
11 July 2008 , 09:1213870

Jet Fuel In China Costs More

Chinese jet oil providers have long complained about shrinking profits caused by rocketing oil prices
10 July 2008 , 16:0410700

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