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Norwegian trade unions visit TATNEFT

Norwegian trade unions visit TATNEFT

Kazan, February 25 - Neftegaz.RU. A delegation of the Norwegian Oil Workers' Union headed by Terje Walskor and Oddwar Carlsen, Vice-Presidents of the Industry Energy Trade Union visited TATNEFT within the framework of partnership relations. The Norwegian trade unionists met with top managers of the company and the top management bodies of the TATNEFT Interregional Trade Union Organization.

The Norwegian delegation was mainly interested in working conditions at TATNEFT, the safety training system at the production facilities, the level of social orientation in relation to the company’s employees and to the population of the company’s operations area.

On the 1st day of the visit the hosts presented to the guests the main projects in the area of oil production, drilling activities, well workover services, the company's environmental safety activities, large-scale social projects, as well as the history and structure of the TATNEFT’s Trade Union Organization, which includes 88 000 employees today.

The delegation got acquainted with the corporate security training system, while visiting the Process Factory of the TATNEFT Personnel Training Center. A risk-based approach to the study of disciplines had been introduced at the sites representing oil production processes.

In addition, there was a visit organized in Almetyevsk for the Norwegian trade unionists to the hockey training center "Netyanik (Oilman)": one of the best sports schools in the Volga region, as well as to the Miras sports and fitness complex with a 50m Olympic-level swimming pool. In Leninogorsk, the delegation visited the oil museum of NGDU Leninogorskneft and the museum of the Shugurovsky oil bitumen plant, got acquainted with the working conditions of the production support department workers of the NGDU Leninogorskneft, as well as with social facilities of the Abdrakhmanovo village built with the help of the oil workers, and met with local residents.

The representatives of the Norwegian Trade Unions were able to appreciate the high level of the TATNEFT’s social orientation in the corporate Yunost health improvement and recreation camp for children, at the filling stations of Tatneft-AZS Center, in the crews of NGDU Almetyevneft, where they communicated with employees - the TATNEFT Trade Union members.

The full tyre manufacturing cycle with a multi-stage control system was presented to the attention of the participants at the Nizhnekamskshina and Nizhnekamsk SSC tyre manufacturing factories. The Norwegian delegation appreciated the up-to-date level of the tyre production automation, advanced technologies introduced and got acquainted with the wide range of products of the tyre manufacturing enterprises: Viatti, KAMA and KAMA PRO tyres (there are more than 400 tyre items in the KAMA TYRES portfolio).

Social programs and projects implemented with the support of TATNEFT on the reconstruction of residential buildings, canteens, the construction of urban infrastructure and housing under the social mortgage program, as well as the work carried out in the field of labor protection and industrial safety were presented to the event participants.

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