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Statoil Rig To Be Shut Due To Spill

"This is the third time there has been an accidental spill..."

Norwegian oil major Statoil said that oil exploration drilling from the offshore rig Eirik Raude has been shut down after its third spill into ecologically fragile Arctic waters in just over two months.

The Norwegian parliament has allowed oil companies to search for petroleum in the Barents Sea off northern Norway on the condition that there are no emissions into the Arctic waters. Reactions to the latest spill were strong.

"This is the third time there has been an accidental spill from the rig Eirik Raude," said Haavard Holm, director of the Norwegian Pollution Control Authority, a government agency.

The state-controlled Statoil concern said the rig spilled about 1.75 tons of hydraulic oil into the water on Tuesday, probably from a hydraulic hose.