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Royal Dutch/Shell Considers Massive Acquisitions

Royal DutchShell is considering acquisitions worth up to $9 billion

Royal Dutch/Shell is considering acquisitions worth up to $9 billion after the historic unification of its Dutch and British holding companies, Financial Times reported.

As Neftegaz.Ru reported yesterday, the oil giant?s shareholders voted overwhelmingly to merge the two arms of the Anglo-Dutch energy group.

Senior executives said Tuesday that the "momentous" dismantling of the dual-company structure would allow them to take part in any future round of oil industry consolidation, allowing Shell to pay for acquisitions by issuing equities, something that had been difficult in the past.
Shell is mulling the massive acquisitions in spite of concerns that the deals are expensive with crude prices climbing as high as about 60 US dollars.

Jeroen van der Veer, the first chief executive of the restructured group, said "It is a win-win situation in that both countries come out of it well."