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Yukos Owner Gets Rid Of Russian Assets

Group MENATEP, the owner of Russian bankrupt company Yukos

Group MENATEP, the owner of Russian bankrupt company Yukos, is proceeding to get rid of Russia?s assets.

It has recently sold the IT-operator IK Sibintek to an owner, which name will be officially announced this month. MENATEP declined to specify the deal value.

According to a source close to owners of Rus Group, the deal encountered no legal hurdles, as unlike YUKOS, Russia?s assets of Group MENATEP have not been seized.

IK Sibintek, where Group MENATEP owned 100 percent, is an IT-company dealing with production automation and business system integration.

Rus Group is a rather close structure, uniting, among other companies, Econatsbank and Rus Financial House. Its key asset is MZ defense enterprise, where it owns 57 percent.