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Chevron Returns To New Orleans

Chevron Corp. has begun to reoccupy its downtown New Orleans office

Chevron Corp. today announced that it has begun to reoccupy its downtown New Orleans office, the company said in its press release.

"Today is a key milestone for Chevron in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina," said Melody Meyer, vice president of Chevron's Gulf of Mexico business unit. "There is a strong feeling of homecoming for the employees who have already returned. Having our employees once again working together in New Orleans provides a sense of return to normalcy."

Prior to Hurricane Katrina, Chevron had approximately 750 employees in its downtown New Orleans office building. Chevron's building, 935 Gravier Street, had flooding on the first floor and garage, and minor damage to windows. Chevron has repaired the building to the extent needed for occupancy and plans to restaff the building by late first quarter 2006.

"We have been monitoring the safety, security and infrastructure reliability to ensure employees can work safely without business disruption, and we see improvements in these areas," Meyer said. "Chevron appreciates the efforts of city, state, and federal officials who have worked to restore essential services in the central business district where our office is located."

Chevron kept the majority of its New Orleans-based employees living and working in Louisiana since Hurricane Katrina. Many displaced employees worked out of a Chevron office in Lafayette, where Chevron built a temporary housing complex for employees and their families. In October, Chevron opened a temporary office in Madisonville, on the north shore of Lake Pontchartrain. A majority of the business unit's Louisiana employees work offshore and were not directly affected by the closure of Chevron's New Orleans office building.