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Yukos Boss Set in Separate Cell

Khodorkovsky's lawyers view the accident as an attempted murder

Jailed Russian tycoon Mikhail Khodorkovsky, injured in face last week by his cellmate, has provoked the attack himself, the chief of the Federal Prison Service said.

?To end any and all speculations about prisoner Khodorkovsky, including about the threat to his life, we?ve decided to move him to a separate cell. It will be safer for him there,? the prison's chief said.

In his explanatory note Alexander Kuchma said he had attacked Khodorkovsky because of the sexual harassing.

Khodorkovsky?s lawyers say that they are sure that the convicts are being stirred up against Khodorkovsky to kill him.

"The authorities failed to break Khodorkovsky?s will and are trying to physically destroy him," said lawyer Yury Schmidt.