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Iran Continues Nuclear Program and Warned West Against Interference

"They should not do something that will leave them shivering in winter"

Iran insisted on Sunday it will not freeze uranium enrichment, in defiance of a U.N. resolution and warned it could even expand its nuclear program which the West fears is a cover for efforts to build the bomb.

"Our activities respect the Non-Proliferation Treaty... so we will not accept the suspension (of uranium enrichment)," nuclear chief Ali Larijani told a news conference.

"They should know that such resolutions will not affect our determination. We will pursue the nuclear rights of Iranians which are enshrined in the NPT."

The U.N. Security Council resolution requires Iran to halt uranium enrichment and other sensitive nuclear fuel work by Aug. 31 or face the prospect of sanctions.

The resolution was pushed through after Iran ignored a previous non-binding deadline and failed to respond to an international offer of a package of incentives in exchange for a moratorium on nuclear fuel work.

And Larijani warned world powers against imposing sanctions, suggesting that Iran could use oil as a weapon.

"It will have a huge international impact. They will lose more than us. They should not do something that will leave them shivering in winter."