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Shell's Attacked Station Reopened

SHELL flow station renewed production after a setback from the acts of militants in Niger Delta

SHELL Petroleum Development Company's flow station that suffered a setback from the acts of militants in Niger Delta few days ago renewed production of 18,000 bpd.

The flow station, which also feeds into the Bonny Terminal, was shut down recently due to an attack from the restive youths in the region.

The source declined to say when the Ekulama-1 flow station would be back in operation. But facts shows that the company still has about 477,000 bpd of crude oil production shut in the oil rich region.

The militants recently attacked the soldiers who were guarding the Cawthorne Channel facility, located in Rivers State, but the army spokesman could not confirm the number of the dead. But Shell later announced last Wednesday that all 25 contractors abducted by suspected militants have been freed unharmed.