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More Oil Discovered in Uganda

More oil has been discovered on Lake Albert, Uganda

More oil has been discovered on Lake Albert, Uganda. The new find, in the Kingfisher area, is in addition to over 60 million barrels of oil found in Kaisotonya, according to the Minister of Energy, Daudi Migereko.

The Commissioner for Petroleum Exploration, Reuben Kashambuzi, declined to estimate how much oil could be in the new site, but added that it was a beautiful prospect.

He said the details could only be revealed after a meeting with the exploration company and the Ministry of Energy.

This discovery was revealed by Migereko, in a meeting with the Rwandan Minister for Energy and Communication, Albert Butare. The meeting was held to discuss the extension of the proposed Kenya-Uganda oil pipeline to Kigali. The pipeline is also to be extended to Burundi and the DRC.