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Investments in Oil and Gas 2007 in Dubai

The world reels as crude oil prices fluctuate at stratospheric levels, attention is inevitably drawn to the Middle East

Fleming Gulf is delighted to announce its “investments in Oil and Gas” forum scheduled on the 23rd and 24th of October 2007, in Dubai U.A.E.

The world reels as crude oil prices fluctuate at stratospheric levels, attention is inevitably drawn to the Middle East to decipher and foretell the hazy future of this basic resource. It is therefore imperative that participants in the global oil and gas industry must consider the changes brought about by the capacity growth in the Middle East and the subsequent impact on global markets. Also, with ensuing resources yet to be discovered, there are hence a lot of opportunities to invest into these ventures. And therefore, we are organizing this event to explore the opportunities to invest into the projects in the country and at the same time attract investors into them as well.

For an event of such nature, we are gathering speakers from the National oil Companies (NOC) and also banks and financial institutions. Some of the speakers whom we have on our prestigious panel are from Saudi Aramco, Qatar Petroleum, Oman Oil Company, HSBC, BNP Paribas, APICORP, Arab Bank and so on. Nabilah Al Tunisi from Saudi Aramco will discuss the different opportunities for capital investments in Saudi Arabia and at the same time also elaborate on the projects in hand for Saudi Aramco. Similarly, a representative from Qatar Petroleum as well as Musaab Al Maruqi from Oman Oil Company will discuss investments opportunities in their respective countries open to investors. Apart from focusing on the projects alone, discussing investments and financing opportunities also becomes inevitable. Sudev Sarkar from Arab Bank will address the investment scenario in GCC in general, whereas, Christophe Mariot from BNP Paribas would address issues regarding the increased participation of regional and international banks, whereas, Kapil Chadda from HSBC will address some financing aspects with the help of the case study with the experience from Qatar LNG. The event will also address a few crucial aspects with regards to the Islamic Financing point of view as Shariah compliant projects are gaining more and more recognition. We also have Hiroo Hagiwara from Global Investment House who will address penetration of Oil Securities in the GCC.

In short, this conference would address the investment opportunities in the countries, investment scenarios in the region, tools and techniques in financing, shariah compliant financing, oil securities and much more. Therefore, keeping all this in mind, it makes this conference an event which cannot be missed as it would be a platform to meet, mingle, network and interact with peers from the industry.

For more information please contact:
Maria Luminita Birza - Marketing Manager
Fleming Gulf FZ LLC
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