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Mexico's Natural Gas Production Increased

Output reached a record high of 6.41 bln cubic feet per day in December

Mexico's state oil company Pemex produced an average 6.06Bf3/d (cubic feet per day) of natural gas in 2007, up 13.1% from 5.36f3/d in 2006, according to company figures.

Output reached a record high of 6.41Bf3/d in December, up from the previous record of 6.35Bf3/d registered in October.

Of average output in the year, 56.9% was associated natural gas, down from 57.7% in 2006.

The increase in non-associated gas production to 2.61Bf3/d from 2.27Bf3/d last year was primarily due to greater production in the Lankahuasa, Burgos and Veracruz projects.

From January-September, 42.2% of gas was produced in the northern region, 35.5% in marine regions and 22.3% in the southern region.