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Trans-Ecuadorian Pipeline System Damaged

Ecuador's state oil company Petroecuador has announced an oil spill

Ecuador's state-run oil company Petroecuador has announced an oil spill in the Trans-Ecuadorian pipeline system last week because of mudslides.

The spill of 4,000 barrels of crude has been brought under control in the El Reventador sector, on the road that connects Quito with the Amazon city of Baeza, some 60 km east of the capital, according to a communique from Petroecuador Saturday.

Most of the spilled crude flowed into a swamp, which made containment easier.

Petroecuador said that its rescue teams have removed some 40,000 cubic metres of the mudslide that buried and cut off the oil pipeline and highway. Now the company rescuers are seeking for the mouth of the pipeline buried in the mudslide, to join it to a new 80 metres long system to repair the damaged section.