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Bahrain to Import Gas From Iran, Qatar

Bahrain is keen on importing gas from neighboring countries

Bahrain is keen on importing gas from neighboring countries, particularly from Iran because of more accessibility to the country's gas reserves, a Bahraini official said.

Abd al-Karim al-Seyyed, New Executive Director of Bahrain Oil Company, made the remark in an interview with Bahraini daily "Al-Ayyam", underlining that his country sell gas at a low price, despite lack of gas reserves.

He noted that Qatar mulls the possibility of exporting great deal of gas in the future, but the Bahraini delegation has made remarkable progress in discussions with Iran in this respect.

The Bahraini official also expressed hope that an gas deal agreement between Iran and Bahrain would be finalized by the end of 2008.

The Iranian side has introduced three gas fields in South Pars as well as another joint Iran-Qatar gas field to Bahrain for gas exports to that country, he added.