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Vice Premier Confessions

Igor Shuvalov confessed that the government played a certain role in TNK-BP shareholders conflict arrangement

On Saturday the first Vice Premier Igor Shuvalov had a private session with no admission for press with Valday Club. There he maid a confession that the government had to inerfere into TNK-BP shareholders conflict.

As one of the participants of the session told the press, the General Prosecution was hinered by the government, because BP's departure from Russian market was not favorable.

But that was the only information revealed. Alexander Machevsky, Shuvalov's press-attache told that the vice premier was absolutely honest, but didn't have the right to talk about the details.

Mikhail Khodorkovsky was also mentioned during the session. His pre-term release depends on a legislation change according to which imprisonment before trial will be measured as a day equal to a day and a half. All legislation changes are up to the Parliament.