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Gazprom's Trojan Horse in Europe

Italian guy interested in the topic has posted on the internet his investigation on Italian oil and gas major Eni

Diego Stendardo has posted on one of the website his investigation on Italian company Eni. According to his review of Eni's deals signed started from 2006, the company tend to move to gas industry.

The conclusion he makes is the following: "The picture looks quite clear to me: Eni is switching its core business from the oil sector, where it faces fierce competition in Europe from Total and RDS, to the gas sector, which is more fragmented and where it can rely on a strong alliance with Gazprom, clearly the number one gas company in the world".

Stendardo though is not sure that Italian company is acting on its own. He says that, "Actually it looks as if the Russian giant is behind most of Eni's recent moves, particularly the acquisitions in the gas business in the four corners of Europe and in northern Africa, and I wouldn't be surprised if Gazprom acquires (or discloses) a big stake in the Italian company in the near future".

Stendardo's essay was welcomed by different oil and gas websites. Naturally, Gazprom has not commented on the article. Yet.

Author: Ksenia Kochneva