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Alaska Is to Use Gazprom Experience

Even though Governor Sarah Palin criticized Prime Minister Vladimir Putin Gazprom offered to help Alaska increase gas supplies to the U.S. mainland

The company sent eight senior executives to Anchorage for talks with Alaska's Department of Natural Resources and ConocoPhillips chief executive Jim Mulva.

CEO Alexei Miller was accompanied by deputies Valery Golubev and Alexander Medvedev, who oversees the country's gas exports.

Gazprom has already approached ConocoPhillips and BP on joining their Denali pipeline project, designed to deliver Alaskan gas to the continental United States. At the same time, Gazprom expressed interest in a rival pipeline project backed by Canada's TransCanada.

The company's interest in these projects is commented as the will to impart the experience it has in this sphere: "The working conditions in Gazprom's traditional areas of production practically coincide with those in Alaska," - said Gazprom.

Author: Ksenia Kochneva